Lessons in Activewear

It probably isn’t apparent to most, but I am totally obsessed with camo these days. It’s everywhere in my life… leisure, home, travel… I even purchased some ripstop canvas in a black camo print because I’m determined to make camouflage into a pair of office-chic pants.

It’s gonna happen, friends. This fall. Guaranteed.

When I saw this amazing camo powernet at Phee Fabrics, I immediately had visions of the Five Out of Four Agility Tank. It had to happen.

I’ve never made true activewear, but this is my “Year of Firsts.” I’ve made swimwear, lingerie, a bodysuit (!)… so why not a sports bra?

If you’re unfamiliar with powernet, it’s a very supportive fabric typically used in lining activewear. From what I understand, it’s incredibly effective. The women in my sewing groups who use it for its intended purpose RAVE about how much they love it.

{Flat chested as I am, I can’t speak to that. Hook me up with a training bra and I’m good.}

I decided to make the camo mesh a feature fabric so I still needed a lining for modesty’s sake. I still had a short supply of my beloved oatmeal rayon spandex from Phee to pair with the camo – which proved to be the perfect blend of hard and soft. I’m determined to use every square inch of that oatmeal goodness!

Never mind the fact that the description of the fabric says it’s not moisture wicking. I wasn’t going to sweat that much anyway… yeah, right.

The construction of this top was drama free. The pattern and instructions were well written and easy to follow. I especially loved the binding method, which virtually eliminates the additional bulk of a double-fold bias trim. Mesh is a stable fabric so the Five Out Of Four method was especially effective for this make.

All in all, I am so in love with this top! And there is no reason for me not to make 1,000 sports bras that fit my measurements to a tee. I have the knowledge and the fabric dealer to make it all happen.


I will not be making “activewear” out of rayon spandex ever again. Like the description says, it’s not moisture wicking. I wore this top out on a 5-mile hike in the Georgia heat and humidity. It literally looked like I’d been lactating for hours by the time we were done.

Not cute, ladies. Not cute.

But, yay for lessons learned!

I have other big plans for the rest of my camo powernet, including a top inspired by this amazing look:

It’s gonna happen, friends. This fall. Guaranteed.

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