All the yoggers

Yoggers are by petite stitchery and they’re FREE for members of the Facebook group. I’m always on the hunt for cute boy pants and while these are labeled “girls” they are 100% unisex!! I was first apprehensive to try them but now I’m wishing I started making them sooner because they are my newest favorite pattern.

I’m making them in all the lengths with tricot from phee fabrics. I decided to do a the shorts first, now the pattern calls for bands on all versions but I didn’t want banded shorts. Simple fix! I just went straight when the pattern calls to curve for both front, back and lining pieces. I’m lining the neon yellow tricot with white liner and chose to line them because my son is basically captain commando! With the pants and capris I didn’t line them but I also used darker colors and prints.

Now, while Captain Commando would prefer to live on a nudist colony he does need to wear clothes, ya know, that whole ‘going out in public’ thing. He prefers to have enclosed seams when I line stuff, so you will want to assemble the legs and crotch of the pattern for the outer fabric, same with the liner, insert the liner into the yellow tricot (wrong sides together) and clip or pin. Badge the legs together. Attach the waistband, treating the outer fabric and liner as one. Then I fold hemmed the legs about 3/4″!

For the Capri and full length, they’re done with bands so it’s simple to just follow the pattern instructions and I added pockets. There’s a solid cut line for the front piece that you will want to cut if adding pockets. The left pocket is before adding one piece, the right is once it’s finished and topstitched.

After attaching the angled pocket piece, topstitch

Add back pocket piece by serging together

Then follow the instructions within the pattern to assemble the rest. While I have found this pattern for be true to the measurements I did find the cuffs to be slightly loose. But that’s an easy fix. Stay tuned for some amazing final pics …. ya know because school can’t start soon enough 😉.