Lille is Breezy with a Wild and Phee Hack

Late February holds a special place in my heart. With it being the coldest month of the year, I am in my happy place. I have had a nice couple months hibernating throughout the fall and winter sewing away. At this point in the seasons my sewing projects take a turn from warm and cozy to starting to think about summer and the heat that will soon be upon me. It usually takes me a couple weeks to formulate my plan, but Melissa kick started my plan by creating the best combination of fabrics in a mystery box I have ever purchased. Two of the fabric cuts immediately caught my eye: a light gray Waffle Mesh and a purple Waffle Mesh. I had never felt the fabric before, but it was light, soft, and very breathable. It didn’t have support like PowerNet or Techsheen. Very similar to many sport jersey materials. In short, it was PERFECT for my first summer sew!

The inspiration mystery box with the featured Waffle Mesh in Gray and Purple, Tangerine Tricot, Hot Pink Wide Mesh, Plum Supplex, and Gray Polartec PowerStretch (lower left).
The pinspiration that has been lurking on my pinterest for years.

Late last year I tried out a couple of different tank tops, I hadn’t found the one that I would return to. A new re-release caught my eye when Lille from GreenStyle Creations was updated recently. Not to mention it would be perfect for a the coral and navy PowerNet that Phee just got in.

To create this hack I started out with the standard tank top pattern piece cut out. The modification would only take place on the back piece.

With the back piece of the pattern cut out, measure between the center of the neck hole to where you want the bottom of your PowerNet to be. Here I chosen 12″ as my radius.


Use the ruler and mark 12″ marks every couple of inches or so.
Once there are enough dots to connect, draw a line curving to meet all of them. This will be the cut line.
Cut along your cut line.
Next is to add seam allowances to both pieces. I start by marking a datum 1/4″ from the right hand side of the paper I am using to add my seam allowance. This will be what I align my fold to.
Next, align your fold with the datum you just markers and mark two alignment ‘notches’ that go between each side of the pattern piece and the backing paper.
While still aligned, mark around the full piece with with your pen.
This this point you should have the full curve of the piece traced and alignment marks on both pieces of paper.
With your ruler, measure up your seam allowance from the alignment mark (3/8″ is shown here).
Align your pattern alignment marks to the new seam allowance alignment mark. The previously traced line will be your new cut line.
Cut out your new pattern piece.
Check the seam allowance. Don’t forget to add the seam allowance to the bottom portion also!

Next continue and add the same seam allowance on the bottom portion of the back piece. You should now have two back pieces, an upper and a lower, with seam allowances added to both. Cut both pieces on the fold.

Next is to align the pieces and sew together to make the full back.
I like to start in the middle, with right sides together, and work outward to ensure the straps are exactly centered.
Pins are your friend here. Align your pieces and pin all the way out to the edge. There will be a ‘dog ear’ of the bottom back left over at the edge.
Continue onto the other edge. At this point you are ready to sew. I used my serger, but ensure you use a stretch stitch so that you have the most mobility while working out (or lounging because this will be great for those 110 degree days laying on the couch).
To keep the seam down and out of the view of the net, top stitch the seam down onto the bottom back piece. Use a stretch stitch here also.
I used a 3-needle coverstitch here. Once top stitched, trim any threads and seam outside of the original pattern piece off.
From here follow Greenstyle’s instructions to finish the tank top. This is a great pattern to really practice your binding skills on!

This Waffle Mesh and PowerNet are the perfect amount of breezy and modesty for me. The colors are so beautiful in person and can I just say I hope every fabric is offered in coral this year! The Waffle Mesh was fabulous to use as binding (this coming from a binding disliker myself). I would definitely recommend Circular Knit for this tank and hack. I have my next one planned out with white Circular Knit and some Camo Powernet that will jump into my cart before my next checkout. Thank you guys for stopping by and please show us your version of the hack!