Supplex – What butts dream about

Posted by Alisha Bennett

As a women with a large butt and thighs and a smaller waist, I have the hardest time finding athletic pants that fit me without falling down mid jump in my workouts. So let’s talk about the Super GreenStyle Creations and the oh-so-amazing supplex from Phee Fabrics. 

I also want to add on the Xpress tank from Greenstyle Creations as well as the Bridgette Bralette from Made for Mermaids both tank and bra are made from circular knit from Phee Fabrics also!

*A quick note that the bralette is not intended for a workout that would consist of a lot of jumping, it’s more suitable for a yoga practice. I wore this bra for a full 9 hours and did not need to adjust my girls once. It’s so comfortable and keeps my girls in place. 

Supplex, it doesn’t get better than this. It keeps everything smooth and in place. It helps keep your pants up even during a HIIT class, I always have hard a time with my pants staying in place.

Now to the Super Gs. I hacked the front waistband to make it go into a V in the front (I saw a picture on Pinterest and wanted to recreate it!) it was a very easy hack. You just take the front waist band and stop at your measurement at the bottom on the band and than measure out 3 inches on the top, pictured. 

You still add elastic to the top on the band and when attaching to the pants you overlap the two front pieces 3 inches and than sew per the pattern. Voila! They are so comfortable!

Circular knit

The Xpress tank is a quick sew and only one pattern piece!! There are three options, tie back (pictures) scoop back and pointed back. Circular Knit is the softest material I have felt, it wicks moisture and washes up so nicely.

So grab Supplex, circular knits from Phee Fabrics and these patterns!!

GreenStyle Creations

Made For Mermaids