Summer Skirts

In the summer I live in running skirts, I run in them, but I also just wear them because they are so comfortable. I have so many, but I always want more choices, probably so I don’t have to do laundry more often. When I ran across this skirt on Pinterest, I knew the exactContinue reading “Summer Skirts”

Swimwear Shenanigans And Escapades

Hacking The 5 Out Of 4 Shenanigans and Escapade Into Fun Swimwear

Whatever “Twill” Be…

Yes I know, corny right?? 🎵Que’ sera, sera🎶 lol. That’s kinda how I felt this month. I’ve been out of the loop a bit, and I kinda lost my sew-jo. So when we were asked to create something with new fabrics I thought,” oh no 😥 not woven!” But the colors are so pretty IContinue reading “Whatever “Twill” Be…”

Fishnet Tights…Yes Please!

When February’s theme was announced (using a variety of fabric bases), I took it as a challenge, and my ideas just kept rolling. I ended up with 3 solid ideas, but backed up to 2 as I was becoming frustrated with one and I began to realize that in the end I wouldn’t ever wearContinue reading “Fishnet Tights…Yes Please!”

A Practical Halloween – Steampunk Style

I LOVE fall! The cooler days and crisp nights, the changing leaves, cozy sweaters and jeans – these are all things I love. Not only that, my two favorite holidays take place in the fall: Thanksgiving and Halloween! I have always loved to dress up for Halloween ever since I was little. My birthday fallsContinue reading “A Practical Halloween – Steampunk Style”

Making your own bike skort (or shorts)

Our family likes to bike. Now I’m not saying we’re out there in our matching biking outfits on the road every day, but when it’s nice, we like to get out and ride the rail-trails and we also take our bikes on vacation looking for new trails. If we’re just going for a short ride,Continue reading “Making your own bike skort (or shorts)”

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