Made for Lounging

One of my favorite things to do when creating a garment is experimenting with fabrics. Getting to know a fabric is much like understanding technology… you figure out what works for a design and what doesn’t.

I especially love to take on the challenge of making a garment out of a fabric that isn’t recommended. And again, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! I have lost a lot of fabric to the cause…

I’m happy to report about a case in which it did work in my favor!

Meet the Evelyn Romper by Oh Lu Lu and the Summer Kimono from Patterns for Pirates. I don’t typically wear cute pajamas to bed… I’m more of a t-shirt-and-flannel-pants kind of gal, but some sweet fellow sewists talked me into it.

This patten is drafted for woven fabrics, which are cut on the bias. However, I used my favorite rayon spandex and cut with the grain. When patterns call for fabric to be cut on the bias, they are capitalizing on the amount of stretch that is inherently part of the weaving process.

Because my fabric already had 4-way stretch, I didn’t want to add additional stretch and risk the garment bagging out on me. I assumed that cutting with the grain would prevent excessive stretch and allow for the right amount of feminine flutter that makes this romper so pretty.

Instead of making trim, as the pattern outlines, I chose to use some gorgeous 2 1/2″ stretch lace trim. It coordinated with the navy rayon spandex perfectly! I folded it over the raw edge and attached with a zig-zag stitch along the scalloped border and the folded edge.

My plan was to add a couple of extra inches to the length with some additional lace around the legs, but, sadly, I didn’t have enough on hand!

So, it’s very short. Very short.

But I have to say… rayon spandex is a perfect fabric for this garment! It’s incredibly soft and very easy to work with. Sleepwear made from this amazing fabric will always be great choice.

All in all, the Evelyn Romper came together without an issue! I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone interested in sewing sleepwear or lingerie.

So, so dreamy…

I also worked up a Summer Kimono, using a heathered rayon spandex and stretch lace, during the recent Phee Fabrics Sew-a-Long. Whitney did an amazing job of walking us through the construction process!

I didn’t realize how badly I needed a simple, pretty robe in my life until I put this one on. I’ve hardly taken it off since.

The Summer Kimono can also be layered over daily wear, too! It’s definitely not meant to be hidden at home! Be sure to check out the Sew-a-Long resources and work up one of your own.

I challenge you to experiment with your fabrics, too! You might be surprised to find what works in an unexpected way.

Romance and Versatility Work Together

Pardon my brief Grinch moment…

I have always boycotted Valentine’s Day. I mean, why do we need a singular day in the year to celebrate love? Answer: we don’t. It’s a Hallmark holiday, designed to pressure lovebirds into thinking they have to spend lots of money and make grand gestures to show their significant other how much they care.


That’s how I’ve ALWAYS felt.

That is… until I met this guy and my heart grew three sizes.


For the first time EVER, I’m actually looking forward to Silly Love Day and all of the hoopla that comes with it! Apparently, we have an entire weekend of surprise festivities planned so, naturally, I need a new romantic wardrobe to go with it.

You understand me.

Up first… the Adrienne Blouse.

I’ve been dying to make Friday Pattern Co’s newest design! It doesn’t get more romantic than this simple knit top.

How gorgeous!!

At first glance, how complicated do you think this is to make? Three pattern pieces, a knit with great drape, and a bit of elastic was all it required. I cut a Size Small and made no adjustments. From cut to hem, this top works up in an hour or less!

I used Phee Fabric’s amazing rayon spandex in cherry. You’re not tired of hearing me rave about Phee’s rayon spandex yet, are you? Because it really is frickin’ amazing. The weight, the drape, the feel… it is the perfect fabric. I actually have some emerald green set aside for another Adrienne.

Next up… the Joni Jumpsuit!

Are you pro-jumpsuit? I sure am. Yes, they’re a helluva lot of trouble to get in and out of in a  bathroom emergency, but they are so chic!

When I saw the Joni, I knew it would be the perfect year-round staple for all occasions. From grocery store runs to girls night out… it is a GREAT silhouette.

I made mine out of Phee’s supplex in navy. There are a lot of things you can make with supplex and most of them involve exercise of some sort… but let me tell you… this jumpsuit in this fabric is REALLY going to step up my errand run fashion.

And, believe it or not, I made the straps out of rayon spandex. Melissa, the owner of Phee Fabrics, does an amazing job of coordinating her fabrics across textiles. These navy fabrics are almost perfect matches! I thought the straps would be easier to tie in a softer, stretchier fabric. And, they are.

I made a lot of assembly corrections along the way. Unfortunately, I wasn’t pleased with how it came together when I used the pattern instructions so I RIPPED OUT ALL OF THE SEAMS and started again.

I’m going to hold out on showing you all of the assembly differences that I made and invite you to join me for a Sew-a-Long in April, hosted by Phee Fabrics. Stay tuned for dates and details. And, if you haven’t joined the Phee Sew-A-Long group, be sure to do so now. There are a lot of fun events coming your way.

While it’s still not perfect, I am really excited to have this fun addition to my wardrobe. I decided to make this one a kick length, just for a little extra flare.

And look at the two garments paired together! I absolutely love this look. It is so retro-chic. I would wear this ANYWHERE!

I honestly could not be more pleased with these two garments. The kick length of the pant leg is on trend. The back ties and exposed zipper makes the jumpsuit just as interesting from the back as it is from the front.

Consider me Valentine’s Day ready! I am going to LOVE wearing them for our special weekend away.

Follow me on Instagram to find out where we wind up… it will be a surprise for me, too!