Customizing the Mama Vicki

Years ago, I joined a healthy living/weight loss challenge at work. The organizer knew me personally and was short on team leaders so she asked me if I would lead a group. {I have a hard time saying “no.”} Within one minute of meeting with my team, one of the ladies asked me what my …

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Sew-With-Me: OhhLuLu Delphine Thong

Okay confession time. I hate wearing lace underwear. Its scratchy, they never move with my body like I would like them to, and they tend to get ripped/worn incredibly quickly. And lace thongs? The literal, absolute worst. So I decided to take the opportunity of the #pheenominalpantyparty to refresh my stock of daily go-to thongs …

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Phee Fabrics’ Pheenominal Panty Party – Rad Patterns Panel Undies

I loved the look of Rad patterns Panel Undies, but sewing my own underwear seemed daunting. However, I decided to bite the bullet as part of Phee Fabrics’ Pheenominal Panty Party. I found that not only can I make my own panties, but I can make the most AMAZING panties, and will never go back …

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The Easiest Hack for Panty-Pizazz

It has taken me 32 years to accept a truth that I’ve fought so hard to reject. And…that truth is: I AM SHORT. Sad face. Because of my shortness, I am picky about my panty and bikini patterns. In fact, I’ve become so irrationally picky that I now draft my own. So, the pattern that …

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Panty Empowered

Potty training – not for the faint of heart! When I finally decided it was time to start teaching this new skill to my 3 year old, I was terrified. I cried more than I care to admit, but in the end it was definitely harder for me than my son (a mothers worry is …

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