Adding a Powernet Panel


I recently tested the Oasis swimsuit by Ellie and Mac, it has a halter top with a strappy back and two rise options for the bottoms. I hacked the suit a couple different ways, adding a powernet panel to the center front, withholding the leg elastic, and adding a band to the top of the bottoms instead of the elastic.

I lined the whole front with powernet, thanks to my 2 under 2 I need all the help I can get these days. Haha So…

  1. I cut out two full front bodice pieces, one from the leopard and one from the black powernet.
  2. Then I chopped the leopard down the center so it was two pieces.
  3. From there I measured out an inch from the center on each piece of the leopard and cut off that fabric. The top gives the illusion that I only used the powernet to do the center panel but hacking it to be able to use powernet in the whole top gives SO MUCH support. Did you see my cleavage? You might have to really look but it is there thanks to the powernet LOL. I haven’t had cleavage since 2015.
  4. Alright so after you have trimmed down your leopard I folded that center seam under a half inch and clipped. You can do your opening as big or small as your comfortable with. I have a pretty wide back so the 3 inch opening in the front wasn’t a lot for my stature.
  5. I then laid the leopard pieces on top of the powernet piece on their respective sides basted around the outsides edges to make one piece.
  6. The last step is to top stitch the leopard to the powernet where you previously fold it under and you’re done!

You could do this hack with any of the colors of powernet or techsheen which means the possibilities are basically limitless!