Yellow Tricot, HTV, and the Tie Back Tank

Have you ever heard of tricot? I had not before this sew. Apparently it’s pronounced “tree – koh”. I always said try-cot when I would read it. I was wrong. Anyways, it’s a super soft, stretchy knit that can be used for several different applications; swim, athletic, daily wear, etc. It’s super versatile. From my experience with wearing it, it dries super fast and is really cool feeling against your skin. It’s also super (I need a new word for super…) easy to sew! Which is a plus.

I used the lemon yellow tricot from Phee Fabrics to make a tie back tank from Greenstyle Creations37161118_10113389239548494_8290264858218201088_oTo add a little umph to the top, I decided to do a reverse coverstitch for the back and bottom hems. I like the extra touch it adds. Once I finished the shirt, I really felt like it was lacking something so I decided to add some HTV (heat transfer vinyl) to the front. Let me preface these next two photos with the fact that I don’t work out. I used to run, but then I found sewing and had a kid. So in my spare time, I would rather sew. Since this is an athletic style top, I wanted something non-athletic on the front just so people don’t get the impression that I actually work out…

Yes! You can add HTV to tricot! My favorite HTV is Siser brand. They have several types of HTV depending on your project. For example, they have standard (which is what I used here), stretch (better for fitted items that will stretch once on), and some others that I won’t get into right now. But for this application, because this shirt is more flowing and does not stretch when worn, I used standard HTV. My favorite place to buy right now is from Heat Transfer Vinyl 4 U. They have really fast shipping and the prices are good. Their website also gives application instructions for each product which is really helpful. For mine, I set my heat press at 305°. Once it’s warm I lay my shirt and vinyl on the press and cover with an old bed sheet I’ve cut up. You are supposed to use a non stick cover sheet or Kraft paper but I’ve never had a problem using a sheet. Once on the press I heat for 15 seconds. For this vinyl you can peel it hot or cold, so I peeled while hot. 37258194_10113389240626334_6752075368296873984_oY’all, I’ve never done a day of yoga in my life. Haha.

You are also supposed to wait 24 hours before you wash and dry. I wore my tank boating on Saturday and it withstood Emma climbing all over me, saltwater, ocean breeze and a wash afterwards and everything held up wonderfully.


Back to the tricot – after wearing it for a day out in the hot sun, I love the way it feels and how breezy it is. It’s definitely a great fabric for athletic wear! It also has great stretch which is good because…IMG_3426WM…Emma is going to be a big sister!