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Fall is here once again. My absolute favorite time of the year. Filled with goodies, adventures, and lots of celebrations. In my circle of family and friends, we have lots… Continue reading Franken-Stella


Poison Ivy with every day pieces!

For my Halloween costume to every day wearables, I used my dyed green mesh to make a made for mermaids mama stella. It also happened to match the walls at… Continue reading Poison Ivy with every day pieces!


Costume or Clothing? BOTH!

Every year when Halloween comes around I start thinking, "This is the year I will have a great costume!" And every year I realize that a) I don't have any… Continue reading Costume or Clothing? BOTH!

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Customizing the Mama Vicki

Years ago, I joined a healthy living/weight loss challenge at work. The organizer knew me personally and was short on team leaders so she asked me if I would lead… Continue reading Customizing the Mama Vicki

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A two piece Alexandria

Making any garment is an especially personal thing but the most personal and challenging for me is a bikini top or sports bra. 15 years ago I got breast implants… Continue reading A two piece Alexandria


Easy Color Block Tutorial

Hey ya’ll, Im Nicki, sewing blogger at sewuprising.com and let me start by saying I am not a trendy person. At All. I have very little fashion sense and always favor classic… Continue reading Easy Color Block Tutorial


Royal Blue Beauty

Posted by Heather Hawkins Are you guys loving Phee Swim Week so far? I know I am! I love seeing all these beautiful women in their gorgeous swim suits! The… Continue reading Royal Blue Beauty