Strathcona SAL Day 4

Today we are finishing up! The video goes over the neckband, cuffs, and hemming. Can't wait to see your finished products! -Whitney https://youtu.be/0KHr9ulcXKA


Strathcona Henley SAL Day 3

Today we're finally sewing! We're going to be doing the shoulder seams, sleeves, and side seams! DON'T FORGET THERE'S A 5/8 INCH SEAM ALLOWANCE. Ask me how I know haha.… Continue reading Strathcona Henley SAL Day 3


Strathcona Henley Day 2

Today we are going to be working on the placket! This is the hardest part of the whole thing but after you figure it out the first time it's smooth… Continue reading Strathcona Henley Day 2