GreenStyle Open Back Pullover

Do you ever look at patterns and think, I really like that, except for…?  That’s how I felt about the GreenStyle Open Back Pullover.  I like the open back, I like that there’s a deeper scooped back, as well as a closed back option.  I like that it can be sleeveless, or have long or short sleeves.  I like that there is a crew neck, as well as a scoop neck, along with a hood option.  Most people love “hoodies” and banded sweatshirts.  I am not one of those people.

Banded bottom shirts are not a good look on me.  I own one banded bottom shirt, and it hangs unworn in my closet.  I’ve tried to wear it, it looked cute on the hanger when I bought it years ago, but on me, it looks like a maternity top.  If I were an expectant Mama I would wear it and look adorable.  But since I am a Grandma and long past the age of having babies, it’s just not the look I am going for!

Luckily, it is super easy to hack the Open Back Pullover to not need a band.  You are going to want to pay attention to your hip measurement.  Make sure you measure the widest/largest part of your hips and booty.  If it falls within the measurements for the size you are making, you’re good to go.  But if it’s at the upper end or bigger than the size for your bust and waist, you will want to grade your pattern out to a larger size, starting at the waist.   Then use a ruler to add 4″ of length at the bottom of the front and back pattern pieces.

Follow the pattern tutorial, (it’s a pretty easy pattern) and instead of sewing on a band at the bottom, simply pin and press the hem up 3/4″ and zigzag or coverstitch to finish the hem.

OB frontOB side

I like that I can wear a regular bra with the high scoop back, and wear it like any other top.  The low scoop back would really show off a cute Power Sports Bra and be fun for yoga class or working out.  I thought about using powernet in the scoop opening, (there is a pattern piece for that), but the open back is just the right amount of sexy.  It would also be fun to use powernet as the upper back pattern piece for an even airier feel.

OB close

I made my top out of Circular Knit, and would totally consider a long sleeved, closed back version in Rayon Spandex or Ribbing for cooler days.  If you’re looking for a more traditional hoodie feel, Cozy French Terry would be so soft and plush!  Supplex would give a more athletic feel, and would coordinate nicely with Super G’s or Stride Athletic Tights.  I’m glad I gave the Open Back Pullover a shot.  It’s a simple, slightly sexy 😉 , comfortable look.

My shorts are the Brassie Joggers, made out of Supplex.  I purchased all my fabric from Phee Fabrics.


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Summer Skirts

In the summer I live in running skirts, I run in them, but I also just wear them because they are so comfortable. I have so many, but I always want more choices, probably so I don’t have to do laundry more often. When I ran across this skirt on Pinterest, I knew the exact pattern I could use to get the same look.


I began with Jalie’s Loulouxe Skort pattern, and went to my fabric stash. I’ve actually been sewing a lot from my stash lately, and it’s felt amazing to use some of my Phee stash that I’ve staring at not knowing what to do with. I pulled out navy nylon/spandex tricot and coral powernet (this stuff is in the last chance section of the site, so grab it now if you’re at all interested in it).


I love the way that it turned out, it even goes perfectly with my newest tank, a GreenStyle Solo Tank in white circular knit. I love how the coral part is slightly translucent, but yet you can’t really see much. Oh, and I haven’t told you the best part yet, the shorts have pockets! I did make my pockets about 1/2″ wider than the pattern piece to account for my phone and any other things that I needed to put in my pockets.

There are a few changes I need to make next time for a better fit, so that I can actually run in this. The shorts are a loose, so I’ll go with a smaller size through the hips and thighs next time. I also love the bands instead of hemming, it made finishing a breeze.

One thing to note is that I trimmed 3/8″ off the bottom of the coral powernet piece, as I planned on hemming the navy tricot front of the skirt. I really like how the powernet just flows as I move.


I must also add, that this running skirt is mother and chicken approved. 🙂

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Crop Hoodie

Hello! I’m Caitlin and this is my first time writing for Phee. I am super excited to be here. 🙂 You can catch my ramblings, I mean blog, over at Luna & Laika. Today, I am going to tell you how I created this crop hoodie that I have had sitting in my sewing inspirations on my Pinterest page since… January!!!


You ready? I am! Here are the inspiration photos:

screen-shot-2019-04-04-at-4.58.21-pm-e1554422323478.pngScreen Shot 2019-04-06 at 8.36.50 AM.png

The first pin is here and website here. The second pin is here and website here.

When I saw this top, I immediately thought of the Studio to Street top that had just released at the time by Greenstyle Creations. Next, I was on the hunt for the perfect fabric. I knew I wanted the main fabric to be lightweight and the “mesh” part to provide some coverage but still have the see through look to it.

I ordered some Phee Powernet in white to test out and knew immediately upon opening the package that it was exactly what I was going for. I also received some of their amazing rayon spandex in the package… but unfortunately white was not in stock at the time… so the project was put on hold.

When Melissa announced the white rayon spandex was restocking and there was a preorder for it, I ordered right away, knowing that was what I needed for the rest of the crop hoodie… and waited for it to be stocked and on it’s way. Are you getting why this project has taken so long? 🙂 Alright, let’s jump ahead…


I knew I needed to make two modifications to the pattern: color blocking the front and back bodice piece, and adding cuffs to the sleeves. I also needed the hood add on . I went with the crop length (my first ever crop top since I danced in high school!) to mimic the inspiration.

When I color block something simple like a bodice, I simply fold where I want the color block to be. When I cut, I add the seam allowance on each side. This is easier for me instead of creating a new pattern piece, unless I know for sure I’ll be making multiple items like this.

I cut the top of the bodice pieces in the power net, and everything else in the rayon spandex. For the drawstring, I cut about 1-1.5″ off the edge of my fabric. I usually don’t measure the length, but for anything for me I try to run it the longest edge of the fabric, knowing I can always cut off excess after the hood is assembled. Below are all of the pieces.

Sewing these fabrics was a breeze. The Powernet is a tad slippery, but I made sure to keep it on top when using my serger so I could make sure that it wasn’t slipping. All of the seams where the Powernet was sewn to the Rayon Spandex I made sure to topstitch the seam toward the Rayon Spandex so it stayed hidden. This helped clean the edges and adds a great detail to the finished item.


I decided to actually sew and turn my drawstring for this top. Honestly, I’m usually lazy and just use the curled edge of the fabric, but I wanted to step things up with this top. 🙂

img_0350The pattern was a breeze to sew up. The fabrics were a breeze to sew up. I am SO happy with the finished product! I still cannot believe that my sewing inspiration came to life! I am so excited to rock this top this spring. Of course it looks great with my Strides and Power Sports Bra made with Phee’s Peacock Supplex.


Now you have all the steps to make your own crop hoodie! If I were to make any changes, the only change I would do would be to have the front color block section be more rounded like in the inspiration photos. I’m sure I will need one of these in black for the fall, so that will be my plan! As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for reading. 🙂


White Rayon Spandex found here.

White Powernet found here.

Studio to Street found here.

Hood add on found here.

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Lille is Breezy with a Wild and Phee Hack

Late February holds a special place in my heart. With it being the coldest month of the year, I am in my happy place. I have had a nice couple months hibernating throughout the fall and winter sewing away. At this point in the seasons my sewing projects take a turn from warm and cozy to starting to think about summer and the heat that will soon be upon me. It usually takes me a couple weeks to formulate my plan, but Melissa kick started my plan by creating the best combination of fabrics in a mystery box I have ever purchased. Two of the fabric cuts immediately caught my eye: a light gray Waffle Mesh and a purple Waffle Mesh. I had never felt the fabric before, but it was light, soft, and very breathable. It didn’t have support like PowerNet or Techsheen. Very similar to many sport jersey materials. In short, it was PERFECT for my first summer sew!

The inspiration mystery box with the featured Waffle Mesh in Gray and Purple, Tangerine Tricot, Hot Pink Wide Mesh, Plum Supplex, and Gray Polartec PowerStretch (lower left).
The pinspiration that has been lurking on my pinterest for years.

Late last year I tried out a couple of different tank tops, I hadn’t found the one that I would return to. A new re-release caught my eye when Lille from GreenStyle Creations was updated recently. Not to mention it would be perfect for a the coral and navy PowerNet that Phee just got in.

To create this hack I started out with the standard tank top pattern piece cut out. The modification would only take place on the back piece.

With the back piece of the pattern cut out, measure between the center of the neck hole to where you want the bottom of your PowerNet to be. Here I chosen 12″ as my radius.


Use the ruler and mark 12″ marks every couple of inches or so.
Once there are enough dots to connect, draw a line curving to meet all of them. This will be the cut line.
Cut along your cut line.
Next is to add seam allowances to both pieces. I start by marking a datum 1/4″ from the right hand side of the paper I am using to add my seam allowance. This will be what I align my fold to.
Next, align your fold with the datum you just markers and mark two alignment ‘notches’ that go between each side of the pattern piece and the backing paper.
While still aligned, mark around the full piece with with your pen.
This this point you should have the full curve of the piece traced and alignment marks on both pieces of paper.
With your ruler, measure up your seam allowance from the alignment mark (3/8″ is shown here).
Align your pattern alignment marks to the new seam allowance alignment mark. The previously traced line will be your new cut line.
Cut out your new pattern piece.
Check the seam allowance. Don’t forget to add the seam allowance to the bottom portion also!

Next continue and add the same seam allowance on the bottom portion of the back piece. You should now have two back pieces, an upper and a lower, with seam allowances added to both. Cut both pieces on the fold.

Next is to align the pieces and sew together to make the full back.
I like to start in the middle, with right sides together, and work outward to ensure the straps are exactly centered.
Pins are your friend here. Align your pieces and pin all the way out to the edge. There will be a ‘dog ear’ of the bottom back left over at the edge.
Continue onto the other edge. At this point you are ready to sew. I used my serger, but ensure you use a stretch stitch so that you have the most mobility while working out (or lounging because this will be great for those 110 degree days laying on the couch).
To keep the seam down and out of the view of the net, top stitch the seam down onto the bottom back piece. Use a stretch stitch here also.
I used a 3-needle coverstitch here. Once top stitched, trim any threads and seam outside of the original pattern piece off.
From here follow Greenstyle’s instructions to finish the tank top. This is a great pattern to really practice your binding skills on!

This Waffle Mesh and PowerNet are the perfect amount of breezy and modesty for me. The colors are so beautiful in person and can I just say I hope every fabric is offered in coral this year! The Waffle Mesh was fabulous to use as binding (this coming from a binding disliker myself). I would definitely recommend Circular Knit for this tank and hack. I have my next one planned out with white Circular Knit and some Camo Powernet that will jump into my cart before my next checkout. Thank you guys for stopping by and please show us your version of the hack!



Feeling a Little Meh(sh)

What inspires you to workout? I wish I could say “I just love it” and don’t need any extra motivation, but alas, that would be one big lie. When it comes to fitness and activity, I know there is an ebb and flow for me….Sometimes my motivation and determination are at a peak and unwavering. Other times I have a laundry list of reasons why “I just can’t” because in reality I just don’t want to.

Like many people, January is a time to renew and I am ready to go – organization, workouts, food prep…It’s all easy, and I’m excited! Then February rolls around, and the honeymoon is over. At that point, all I want is ice cream and sweat pants, but I have one thing that always gets me back in the groove – NEW CLOTHES! This used to mean a trip to the store, but now it means a Facebook search in my favorite fabric and sewing groups for some inspiration.

I decided I wanted some “cool mesh” pants like all the women in my gym classes. Of course my favorite shop, Phee Fabrics had just what I wanted! The black powernet has great stretch and recovery for workout wear without being completely see through. So, off I went pattern hunting and decided to try another Greenstyle Creations pattern, the Inspire tights. They are a basic legging but also have some fun color blocking options. I used a contour waistband from the Patterns for Pirates peg legs to give me a higher waisted option.

The powernet was great for the inserts and there is some hidden powernet in the waistband – it’s like comfortable compression! This stuff HOLDS you in! No rolling waistband or slipping down. I didn’t even need to add elastic to the top, which is perfect for me. I really don’t like the feel of elastic on my waist regardless of fabric and pattern.

Quick tip for color-block sewing that saves me a bunch of time pinning – I get all of my pieces for each leg panel and pin them all at one time. Then I can stitched all at once and if I shave them all pinned together at the them same time it’s easier to see if I have them all in the correct direction (read: less seam ripping!)

I really want for my leggings to be supportive and stretch. The Plum Supplex is gorgeous in person while having incredible stretch and recovery. This material is perfect for squats and stretching (and tested for the entire day after a workout because sometimes I just get busy 😉)

So now I had “motivating pants”, but I needed a whole outfit. This time I wanted to copy a tank I bought years ago. It has a strap across the back that how’s off your back and a front and back scoop neck. I used the P4P essential tank, but instead of using the back piece, I did 2 fronts! I used 85% of the neck and arm openings to create the bands. Then I created a strap for the back and stitched it into the band. Super easy, and it holds the straps up.

The back piece has a little added flair and function. It’s made out of powernet too. Awesome for a hot day or extra sweaty workout.

My motivating outfit worked – I used it as my extra push to get up and workout at 5:45am when but was a balmy 11 degrees! I guess I will need to make another outfit to keep the momentum going…and you know it will be with Phee Fabrics.

Happy stitchin’ and sweatin’


Let’s take it slooooowwww

Another holiday season has come and gone and now the post holiday lull…but it always seems short lived. We are always rushing – to school, work, the gym, grocery store. Rushing to start a project and then rushing to finish. After December and what felt like non-stop rushing, I vowed to try and be more present. I admit, it’s not easy. We live in a fast paced world and we are constantly “on.” So when I realized that Valentine’s was just around the corner, I started to panic! “I need to make something!” “And something for Dante!” “And finish the other 9 projects from last month!”

So much for the lull! But I remembered my decision to slow down. And now was the exact moment. I did want to sew, but did not want to just make something for the sake of crossing off my list. I wanted to create something that I would enjoy making and wearing, without rushing!

My first thought was that I wanted something that made me feel “sexy” – it is Valentine’s Day after all and while it does not have to be lingerie, I want something that makes me feel great! So off to Pinterest I went (or even better, to my amazing Pinspiration finding friend, Whitney!) As soon as I saw this picture I knew I had to recreate it – comfy, a bit polished and super cute! Added bonus for me was that it didn’t scream “VALENTINE’S DAY!”

**Photo from Pinterest**

I also wanted comfort (I always want comfort in my clothes, lets be real!) – from fabric that felt good on my skin in a style I would enjoy wearing all the time. So of course I knew exactly the fabric, Phee Fabrics rayon spandex, easy to wear and washes up perfectly every time! There is a ton of rayon spandex out there, and I know I have written about it before, in my first blog post, but Phee’s is in a class all of its own! Let’s not forget all of the color options – right on trend, allowing me to build a wardrobe.

Full confession – I don’t really like raglans! GASP! BLASPHEMY! FOR SHAME! I’m not even really sure why I don’t like them, but I decided to try the Runway Raglan from Petite Stitchery & Co. since it has some insert detail at the shoulder and even a V shape color-block sleeve option (I will definitely try them out soon!) This is the Cherry Rayon Spandex with an inch added to the sleeves for my long arms.


For the joggers I wanted to use a more slim fit pattern and the Brassie Joggers from Greenstyle Creations were perfect. I added 3 inch elastic in the cuffs by serging it in the round (pictures below). This way I could push them down or pull the cuff up a little and they would stay put and keep the shape like some RTW I have seen. And guys, this is the first time I have ever used my coveted Phee rayon spandex for bottoms and I have no idea why!?! These pants are the definition of comfort!

For the cuff, I tried it first on my regular machine, but it is too structured to pass under the presser foot all the way for 3 inches. Instead, I created a center crease on the fabric by folding the long, wrong sides together of the cuff. I lined up one long edge of the elastic to the fold and turned the fabric and elastic into a tube, right sides of the fabric together and elastic wrapped around that. Next, I serged along the short end being sure to catch the elastic in the seam. Turn the fabric right side out encasing the elastic. The seam is a little bulky, but does not bother me when I am wearing them at all.


Thinking about being present and taking my time, both of these projects took me about 3 hours just to sew (plus time to cut patterns and fabric). Usually I would have sewn them both up in half the amount of time, but I wanted to go slow and be present. I used Stay tape on the pocket, wash away hem tape on the shirt, top stitching on the neck band, pressing seams as I sewed and adding in the wide elastic for the cuffs.

And then a little fun with vinyl from a free font I found (I just stretched it to fit and look as close to the Pinspiration)

All of these details took the outfit from “sweats and a raglan” to “feelin’ fierce!”


Note: This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.