Car Seat Neck Pads

Phee Fabrics is finding ways to use up your Art Gallery scraps. This blog is focusing on Car Seat Neck Pads! Plus you have a chance to win a Scrap Pack! 

Over time the neck pads are on the car seat have become dingy plus they’re boring. So why not redo them? These only cushion the straps against the collarbone and do not reduce the safety of the car seat. These are the same size and thickness of the original ones.


  • 4 cuts of woven fabric measuring 7″ x 5.5″
  • 4 cuts of bra foam measuring 7″ x 5.5″
  • A Leather or Microtex needle
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Two 3″ cuts of hook and loop tape aka velcro


  • Stack 2 pieces of woven fabrics, right sides together, on top of 2 layers of cut foam
  • Pin or clip pieces together
  • Using a 1/2″ seam allowance, stitch around all 4 layers. Important: Leave a small opening for flipping.
  • Clip your corners to reduce the bulk
  • Flip your woven pieces so the wrong sides are together with the foam sandwiched in the middle
  • Push out your corners. I used a wooden skewer
  • Press (Not necessary but I iron every single thing while I am sewing)
  • Topstitch around the entire rectangle using 1/8″ seam allowance
  • Measure 3/4″ from each short side and sew on the velcro. One side for the hook and one side for the loops.

Easy breezy lemon squeezy. New car seat strap pads!

We would love to see your scrap makes! Enter to win an Art Gallery Scrap Pack. 

Happy Sewing


Woven Bag Patterns

During the middle of October 2019 Phee Fabrics introduced Art Gallery Fabrics. As always, Phee strives for greatness and that doesn’t stop with introducing wovens. Currently there are three different bases being offered. 100% cotton woven, rayon and canvas. We will be introducing Art Gallery Cotton Jersey shortly. As well as adding to our collection.

Using Art Gallery Cotton Woven and Canvas for bag making:

Sierra used Powder Bloom and Botanists Essay to create large Paladin Bag with Purse Hack by Sew Sweetness.

Foxes in Fall was used to create a medium Paladin Bag without the purse hack by Sew Sweetness

The ugly naked guy hobo by Sincerely, Jen Pattern Company was made with Evergreens Frozen

The Redwood Tote by Noodlehead was made in two different versions using Flowerfield Sunset and Night Talks.

Mystical Woods Solar was used in making a mini Denver backpack by Swoon Patterns.

These mini wallets are all made using Art Gallery Cotton Woven. With the pattern and fabrics all available at Phee. If you are interested in purchasing this mini wallet pattern, find it HERE

Happy Sewing and we can’t wait to see all your bags.