Easy Color Block Tutorial

Hey ya’ll, Im Nicki, sewing blogger at sewuprising.com and let me start by saying I am not a trendy person. At All. I have very little fashion sense and always favor classic cuts, styles, and colors above anything even a wee bit “out there” but I have been seeing color blocked t shirts everywhere lately! All of the boutiques in my area and my favorite online ones as well have been peddling all different kinds of color blocked t shirts and… I almost caved and bought one. Almost.

I got as far as trying one on in a local store before remembering I am on a RTW fast (hard thing to forget, I know!) and that I didn’t really need a new top at all. Add to that the awful, boxy fit of the RTW shirt and I left the store empty handed! …. but I kept thinking about the shirt for days after that.

It was simple in it’s style but the three layer color blocking added just the right amount of interest that I thought maybe, just maybe I could actually pull it off in day to day life. I almost went back and got it, despite my fast and it’s awful fit, before realizing, at three am, just how stinking easy it would be to hack a pattern I already know and love into something that had the same look and feel but that actually fit well! Total “Duh!” moment!

Twenty minutes and one (or three) Phee Fabrics Rayon Spandex order away and my quest to be trendy was officially underway! If you haven’t tried rayon spandex from Phee yet, you really should! It is so soft, thick, and luxurious while still being lightweight enough to be breathable and have great drape. Plus, event the light shades like the oatmeal and white are plenty opaque to not need a tank underneath which I totally appreciate for the summer months. In the pic above I am wearing a bright purple bra and those black shorts go up to my natural waist and you can’t see them at all!

So grab your favorite t shirt pattern, I used the Made for Mermaids Kourtney Tee, and your favorite colors of Rayon Spandex from Phee Fabrics and let’s get started!

Instead of typing up a tutorial I am trying something new with a video tutorial, which you can watch below or on YouTube. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask below!

Happy Sewing!

Hacked Leggings

Posted by Team Phee

So I saw these workout pants on instagram every time I logged on for a whole month! They were stalking me. Haha. I looked up reviews for them and they were completely awful. So I set out to hack them… my first real hack. So intimidating!

I used the Strides from Greenstyle Creations as the base pattern. Hoping I could successfully hack them into pants inspired by the Enduraged ad. Even though I used the Strides, the good news is you can use any legging pattern! The less pattern pieces the better but whichever legging pattern that fits you best is perfect. If you don’t have a paid pattern that you love and are looking for a free single piece legging pattern try the Pattern for Pirates Peg legs or the 5oo4 ninjas (Coupon Codes located in their facebook groups)

First I printed my pattern in my size and taped it together as normal. For the strides I taped the three leg pieces together (not including the waistband) making sure to overlap them with the correct seam allowance for the pattern, ⅜”. Then I transferred the sketch to the pattern piece.

This pattern was drafted on a capri length size small so you might need minor tweaks. Sketching on tracing paper seemed to work best for us with keeping the curves rounded instead of pointy. Then you can cut out your mirrored image pattern pieces adding your desired seam allowance to every new inner seam, I used ¼” and assembled from the bottom up, serging before topstitching the inner leg seam.

Front View Back View

Requires approximately 2.5 yards of supplex, varies by color blocking and size

Happy Sewing!