Polartec Palooza

Starting today, October 8th,2018 Phee Fabrics is introducing Polartec Palooza!! What does that mean? It means over the next month you will see:

  • a huge variety of patterns worked up using polartec
  • have #justthetip Thursday’s where you will get useful tips for using your polartec

The Phee Fabrics Sal Group will host 4 sew along’s starting with the Twig & Tale Trailblazer Vest .  This pattern is drafted for woven but you will learn how to adapt it for polartec and is hosted by Joelle Nicole and starts 10/23/18. Fabric promo code is available now til 10/13/2018.

Starting 11/6/2018 Whitney will be hosting the Clare Coat By Closet Case

Beginning 11/13 Melissa is hosting the Jalie 2795 Zip up SAL. It comes in men, women and child sizes

Beginning 11/27 Whitney is hosting the Thread Theory Henley SAL

Can’t wait for everyone to participate and share your makes!!!


Posted by Alisha Bennett

Ever feel like you born in the wrong era? I can’t be the only one. Anyways, I love the fashion, the cars, the hair style all of the 1950s! Women were sexy but sophisticated, they had class and carried themselves with grace. They had curves and weren’t afraid to show them.

When I looked up the Bombshell from Closet Case Patterns I just knew it was meant for me!! Phee Fabrics carried this gorgeous Raspberry Circular knit the color in person is simply gorgeous. As a women with curves and some jiggle in places I chose to not only line my suit with Nude swim liner but I also added a layer of Tan techsheen to the the back, the under front panel and the chest area, techsheen is a great support and helps keeps our girl parts in place and looking pretty (I mean just look at that booty) What more could you want?!

So I figure since I wasn’t thought of to enjoy the 1950s that I’ll just make all the bombshell swim suits in all the colors of circular knit and just pretend!

Join us for all the fun of swim week!

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