My official mom uniform

When Melissa said that August was all about capsules, I was a bit overwhelmed. To be fair, I get overwhelmed easily. Here’s a little secret…..I’ve never sewn a capsule! I know, I know. How crazy is that?! However, what the heck do I make?! I’m a stay at home mom and don’t really dress niceContinue reading “My official mom uniform”

Practice, practice, practice

Sometimes the smallest things are what challenges us most. Zippers, welt pockets, buttons….these things don’t bother me. In fact I enjoy the challenge. But Lace is something I struggle with making it look nice. For one,getting the right side up is a challenge in itself. It’s so delicate, and I’m so far from delicate it’sContinue reading “Practice, practice, practice”

Journey into bra making

Being a stay at home mom and working in the fitness industry my whole adult life, the need for a “real bra” wasn’t there. Plus, have you seen the prices?!  A nice bra is not in my budget!  But every woman wants a nice bra at some point.  When I heard Phee Fabrics was goingContinue reading “Journey into bra making”

The Watson: Phee Lace Edition

With March being Bra month over at the Phee blog I am being pushed slightly out of my comfort zone. This prompt did play into my sewing goal for this year. This year I am attempting to minimize all ready to wear purchases (to maximize my fabric budget). The items that were on the ‘okContinue reading “The Watson: Phee Lace Edition”

Making the Orange Lingerie Boylston in a 36J

If you have seen any of my sewing posts or makes I am well known having large natural breasts and with a full bust of 44.5″ to 47″ (depending on the support of the bra I am wearing at the time) and an under bust of 34.5″ I find it extremely hard to go braContinue reading “Making the Orange Lingerie Boylston in a 36J”

Harriet: My First Wired Bra

It appears to be bra month around here at Phee Fabrics if you haven’t noticed already. I started off with a pattern that has been in my stash for a couple of years, then once I received my lace realized that it wasn’t going to work for my pattern. So I set to find aContinue reading “Harriet: My First Wired Bra”

Busting into Bra Making

  I remember when I first began sewing and I saw that someone made a bra, like a REAL bra and all I could think of was, “Why would you do that?! Does she not know you can buy them at a store? That must have taken months to make and who knows where youContinue reading “Busting into Bra Making”

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