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Everyone, I’m alive. Between this (see below) being my forecast for the next week and aftershocks from some silly earth quakes we had earlier this month, I am trying to find my normal back in the sewing room. The perfect project to get me back in the groove (while I await a new sewing machine) […]

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UFO Sighting – Conquering “the bin”

As I am about to cut a new project I see it lurking in the corner… That bin, box, bag. We all have one and mine seems to grow exponentially at times. And the more projects that get relegated to the “UFO” bin, and the more I seem to start new projects. UFOS a.k.a unfinished […]

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Thread Matching, Phee Fabrics Edition

Hi sewing pals! I’m Ashley! I’m bringing you a blogpost on matching the Phee Fabrics that I have on hand to a popular brand of serger thread, Maxilock. I get Maxilock from wawak.com because their prices can’t be beat and they ship quickly. (Not Phee fast, because Melissa is a super-ninja-boss-lady, but fast enough.) I […]

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Raglan Round-Up!

  Before I get into the details of this post and why I took on the daunting task of sewing raglans from seven different designers, I want to give a little background about myself since I’ve been writing for Phee since December and haven’t introduced myself. I’m Stephanie, I’m a single mother, work full-time and […]

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Dreams Deferred…

When I was 11 I begged my mom for a fit and flare dress like all the girls on tv… all pretty girls. I never thought I was one of those. I was a quiet nerdy girl who didn’t quite fit in… She tried and tried to make me that dress but couldn’t get it […]

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Bodysuit…with a thong option.

Hello y’all! Alisha here. I love the idea of a body suit but I always think I’d like to wear them with pants that hug the booty BUT I hate panty lines SO I did something about it. I mashed the Tai bodysuit with the Greta Thong from Made for Mermaids and voila!! It’s perfection […]

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Lace All Day, Every Day!

When I think of lace, I tend to think of special occasions or intimate apparel, but you can use lace to add pretty details to your every day wear! I love the patterns from Sew House Seven, so when they came out with the Merlo Field Tee, I knew I had to have it. “Casual, […]

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