Rayon Spandex

Rainbow Skirt Tutorial

Once Phee Fabrics got mustard rayon spandex in, I knew it was time to make some rainbow skirts for my nieces and daughter. So I ordered the following 13 oz rayon spandex colors, 1/2 yard each: CherryMustardOliveRoyal BlueOrchidHeathered Charcoal If you’re planning on making as many skirts as I did, and want to have matchingContinue reading “Rainbow Skirt Tutorial”

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Tween Capsule

My daughter has come into the size range where it’s hard to find patterns that are sized for her, this age range is known as the tween ages. Being a tween is when you’re no longer an age that is a single digit, but also not yet a teen. You’re probably thinking, yeah, I alreadyContinue reading “Tween Capsule”

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Ya Basic! And I love ya!

I have been sewing for myself for the last three years and can say that I hardly ever buy anything RTW. A new pattern comes out and I have to make one (or 5) but I often overlook the “basics” – those pieces you turn to week after week either as part of or theContinue reading “Ya Basic! And I love ya!”

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My official mom uniform

When Melissa said that August was all about capsules, I was a bit overwhelmed. To be fair, I get overwhelmed easily. Here’s a little secret…..I’ve never sewn a capsule! I know, I know. How crazy is that?! However, what the heck do I make?! I’m a stay at home mom and don’t really dress niceContinue reading “My official mom uniform”

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Everyone, I’m alive. Between this (see below) being my forecast for the next week and aftershocks from some silly earth quakes we had earlier this month, I am trying to find my normal back in the sewing room. The perfect project to get me back in the groove (while I await a new sewing machine)Continue reading “Tank-spiration”

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Drama Dress + Rayon Spandex

I’m excited to tell you about this amazing Drama Dress made out of Phee’s Rayon Spandex! On Thursday, I was trying to decide if I wanted to sew up a new dress for graduation on Saturday. I was eyeing the George + Ginger Facebook page, knowing that a new test was coming up for theContinue reading “Drama Dress + Rayon Spandex”

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UFO Sighting – Conquering “the bin”

As I am about to cut a new project I see it lurking in the corner… That bin, box, bag. We all have one and mine seems to grow exponentially at times. And the more projects that get relegated to the “UFO” bin, and the more I seem to start new projects. UFOS a.k.a unfinishedContinue reading “UFO Sighting – Conquering “the bin””

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