Facing my Sewing Fear of Zippers

I never thought I’d be saying this but there are some things in the sewing world that scare me – like full stress and panic, clenched teeth, sweaty palms. So what do I do? I avoided them like the plague. And the one that really sets me into a tailspin – ZIPPERS!! Who knew somethingContinue reading “Facing my Sewing Fear of Zippers”

Leggings Party

I’ve wanted to write a leggings comparison blog for FOREVER. I recently had my daughter and knew I wanted to wait until she was out of me to hopefully get the best fit for my post partum body. I used Phee supplex for all of them and 6 different leggings patterns. https://pheefabrics.com/supplex/ I compiled someContinue reading “Leggings Party”

Jedidiah SAL – Supplex w/ an elasticated waist

The sewing for this version of the Jedidiah shorts is pretty quick so we decided working it up in a photo blog would be better than incorporating it into the video series. There are still videos for the welt pockets and zipper fly but the rest of the sewing will be demonstrated in the photos.Continue reading “Jedidiah SAL – Supplex w/ an elasticated waist”

When Finished Isn’t Perfect

When I bought my first sewing machine black Friday of 2017 I had never used a sewing machine before in my life. I had been looking at sewing machines for a couple months because I recognized that I was utilizing less that half of the Joann’s isles that I would frequent for my paper craftingContinue reading “When Finished Isn’t Perfect”

5oo4 Zen Pants Made As Shorts

And An Internal Patch Pocket Hack

A Love for Vintage

I have a huge love for vintage style dresses, but the price tag and smell on true vintage clothing is not a love of mine. Instead I gather inspiration from actual vintage clothing styles or high quality pin-up style clothing. I have to say my favorite decades are the 40s and 50s. I especially loveContinue reading “A Love for Vintage”

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