Sew It Slow: Day 5

Today’s videos are all about how to sew zippers! My favorite zipper is a hand picked zipper, the look of it is so unique, and you can pick a thread to match your fabric or stand out. A hand picked zipper will add so much charm to your hand made garment.

If your following along, share your progress using the hashtag #PheeSlowSew on social media. Don’t forget to catch all the posts for the sew along here. If you finish early, don’t forget to enter a photo of your creation!

  • Ashland: front band + attach skirt front to front bodice
  • Betty: bodice and skirt side seams
  • Cabin: back pleat/darts
  • Cielo: back shoulder pieces
  • Fireweed: attach bodice and lining
  • Floreat Sleeved: back zipper
  • Floreat Sleeveless: shoulder seam
  • Geranium: bodice side seam
  • Hinterland: neck facing (bias)
  • Larkspur: zipper
  • Matilda: bodice pockets (optional)
  • River: sleeves
  • Sedona: side seam pockets + front breast pockets (both optional)
  • Trevi: back placket
  • Washi: attach bodice front to skirt front


  • zippers
    • invisible
    • centered
    • hand picked

Sew It Slow: Day 4

If your following along, share your progress using the hashtag #PheeSlowSew on social media. Don’t forget to catch all the posts for the sew along here. If you finish early, don’t forget to enter a photo of your creation!

  • Ashland: bodice center fronts, optional buttonholes, attach center fronts to side fronts
  • Betty: stay stitch back neckline
  • Cabin: bust darts
  • Cielo: front pockets
  • Fireweed: should seams + princess seams
  • Floreat Sleeved/Sleeveless: waist tie
  • Geranium: attach the bodice to the lining
  • Hinterland: waist ties + bodice shoulder and side seams
  • Larkspur: facing
  • Matilda: bodice “princess” seams
  • River: pockets
  • Sedona: stay stitch neckline + darts + tie belt (optional)
  • Trevi: darts
  • Washi: pleat skirt


  • grading seam allowances
  • v-necks and corners
  • understitch
  • edge stitch
  • pleats
    • pleat
    • box pleat
  • cutting bias tape
  • facings: these use a combination of the above techniques, with an additional video being created for
  • inseam pocket

Sew It Slow: Day 3

For your specific pattern you should be working on the following today:

  • Ashland: skirt darts (note that this is not in order of the instructions)
  • Betty: darts
  • Cabin: stay stitch neckline + weltless pocket
  • Cielo: darts
  • Fireweed: flounces
  • Floreat Sleeved/Sleeveless: inseam pockets
  • Geranium: shoulder seams + flutter sleeve (optional)
  • Hinterland: staystitch neckline (and arms for sleeveless) + darts
  • Larkspur: shoulder seams + collar (optional)
  • Matilda: skirt pockets + skirt
  • River: staystitch
  • Sedona: button wrap folds + buttonholes
  • Trevi: staystitch neck and arms
  • Washi: darts


The technique videos below include:

  • staystitching
  • darts
  • bias tape
  • seam finishes
    • stitch + pinked
    • turn + stitched
    • single overlock
    • double overlock
    • French seam
    • French piping
  • weltless pocket: Blueprints for Sewing already has an amazing tutorial on how to do this, so check it out here.
This one isn’t in today’s schedule, but I thought it would be good to give it to you early.
This is great for a decorative finish around the edge of a pocket, along the top and bottom of a waistband. There are so many different options for using this technique.

Sew It Slow: Day 2

Sew It Slow Day 2

Today you should be working on fit adjustments to your muslin and after those have been made, you should cut out your fabric.


I have a couple of technique videos for you today, which will help you if you have pieces that need to be interfaced or are thinking about underlining. The underlining video also talks about glue basting which you can use while sewing anywhere that 2 pieces of fabric are being basted together.

Sew It Slow Sew Along: Schedule

Find all Sew It Slow posts here. If you’re following along on social media, search for the hashtag #PheeSlowSew. This is how you’ll find discount codes on fabric, see examples sewn up, and maybe even others working on their own projects for this sew along.

The sew along and contest runs 1/24 through 2/3, with the final garment photo(s) due 2/10/2020. Past Sew It Slow posts:

Patterns mentioned in this schedule include:

Day 1: Fri. 1/24

  • print and assemble pattern
  • wash fabric
  • muslin
  • resources for common fit adjustments

Day 2: Sat. 1/25

  • muslin fit adjustments
  • cut fabric


  • block interfacing
  • underlining + glue basting
  • pressing

Day 3: Sun. 1/26

  • Betty: darts
  • Cabin: stay stitch neckline + weltless pocket
  • Cielo: darts
  • Fireweed: flounces
  • Floreat Sleeved/Sleeveless: inseam pockets
  • Geranium: shoulder seams + flutter sleeve (optional)
  • Hinterland: stay stitch neckline (and arms for sleeveless) + darts
  • Larkspur: shoulder seams + collar (optional)
  • Matilda: skirt pockets + skirt
  • Sedona: button wrap folds + button holes
  • Trevi: stay stitch neck and arms
  • Washi: darts


  • stay stitching
  • darts
  • seam finishes
    • stitched + pinked
    • turn + stitch
    • single overlock
    • double overlock
    • French seam
    • corded seam
    • French piping
  • pockets
    • inseam pocket
    • weltless
    • patch pocket

Day 4: Mon. 1/27

  • Betty: stay stitch back neckline
  • Cabin: bust darts
  • Cielo: front pockets
  • Fireweed: should seams + princess seams
  • Floreat Sleeved/Sleeveless: waist tie
  • Geranium: attach bodice to lining
  • Hinterland: waist ties + bodice shoulder and side seams
  • Larkspur: facing
  • Matilda: bodice “princess” seams
  • Sedona: stay stitch neckline + darts + tie belt (optional)
  • Trevi: darts
  • Washi: pleat skirt


  • grading seam allowances
  • v-necks and corners
  • understitch
  • edge stitch
  • pleats
  • cutting bias tape
  • facings

Day 5: Tue. 1/28

  • Betty: bodice and skirt side seams
  • Cabin: back pleat/darts
  • Cielo: back shoulder pieces
  • Fireweed: attach bodice and lining
  • Floreat Sleeved: back zipper
  • Floreat Sleeveless: shoulder seam
  • Geranium: bodice side seam
  • Hinterland: neck facing (bias)
  • Larkspur: zipper
  • Matilda: bodice pockets (optional)
  • Sedona: side seam pockets + front breast pockets (both optional)
  • Trevi: back placket
  • Washi: attach bodice front to skirt front


  • zippers
    • invisible
    • centered
    • hand picked

Day 6: Wed. 1/29

  • Betty: attach bodice to skirt
  • Cabin: yoke
  • Cielo: shoulder sams
  • Fireweed: waistband (attach waistband to bodice for circle skirt)
  • Floreat Sleeved/Sleeveless: back seam
  • Geranium: skirt seams + gather/pleat skirt
  • Hinterland:
    • Sleeveless: armhole facing
    • Sleeves (set-in), hem/face sleeves
  • Larkspur: back seam
  • Matilda: yoke, bodice side seams
  • Sedona: back pleat (optional) + back yoke
  • Trevi: shoulder + side seams
  • Washi: shirring dress back


  • shirring
  • gathering
  • sewing sleeves
    • set-in
    • flat

Day 7: Thu. 1/30

  • Betty: zipper
  • Cabin: shoulder seams + neckline bias facing/binding
  • Cielo: neckline (facing or bias)
  • Fireweed: skirt (attach skirt to waistband for gathered skirt)
  • Floreat Sleeved: shoulder seam
  • Floreat Sleeveless: facings
  • Geranium: attach bodice to skirt + secure lining
  • Hinterland: skirt inseam pockets + side seams
  • Larkspur: inseam pockets
  • Matilda: sleeve bands + waistband
  • Sedona: collar
  • Trevi: neckline
  • Washi: shoulder seams


  • securing lining/facing

Day 8: Fri. 1/31

  • Betty: back seam
  • Cabin: bias facing/binding at sleeve hems and bottom hem
  • Cielo: sleeve (flat)
  • Fireweed: bodice to skirt
  • Floreat Sleeved/Sleeveless: sides seams
  • Geranium: Button holes
  • Hinterland: gather skirt; attach skirt for full placket only
  • Larkspur: sleeve (flat)
  • Matilda: placket
  • Sedona: side seams + sleeve (set-in)
  • Trevi: armholes
  • Washi: facing


  • stitch in the ditch
  • buttons
    • flat
    • shank

Day 9: Sat. 2/1

  • Betty: facing and shoulder seams
  • Cabin: side seam
  • Cielo: side seam
  • Fireweed: zipper + back seam
  • Floreat Sleeved: facing
  • Floreat Sleeveless: back opening
  • Geranium: buttons
  • Hinterland: placket + button holes
  • Larkspur: side seams
  • Matilda: collar + hem
  • Sedona: sleeve placket + cuff
  • Trevi: hem
  • Washi: side seams


  • hems
    • blind catch stitch
    • slip stitch
    • flat catch stitch
    • mitered
    • narrow

Day 10: Sun. 2/2

  • Betty: hem
  • Cabin: complete sleeve and hemline facings
  • Cielo: sleeve cuff
  • Fireweed: secure lining
  • Floreat Sleeved: sleeve (set-in)
  • Floreat Sleeveless: hem
  • Geranium: hem
  • Hinterland: attach skirt to bodice only placket, buttons
  • Larkspur: sleeve facing/hem
  • Matilda: button holes
  • Sedona: sleeve button tab (optional)
  • Trevi: button holes
  • Washi: sleeves + armhole bias facing


  • additional videos as requested

Day 11: Mon. 2/3

  • Cielo: hem
  • Fireweed: hem
  • Floreat Sleeved: hem
  • Geranium: patch pockets (optional)
  • Hinterland: hem
  • Larkspur: hem
  • Matilda: buttons
  • Sedona: hem
  • Trevi: buttons
  • Washi: hem


  • additional videos as requested

Final Garment Due: Mon. 2/10

Details on entering your garment for prizes and the rules can be found here.

Please leave a comment if you feel any technique videos are missing from the sew along schedule, as they can be added.