Scrap Bustin’ or Bust!

As we come to the close of the year, the time for reflection seems to inevitably set in – Did I accomplish all of last years goals? Was there something I am really proud of? Something that didn’t go as planned? And the list goes on and on…. But I can honestly say that 2018 was one heck of a year and this blog was one of the many goals I had and I am so proud of the progress!

You may have noticed that my posts to date have all featured incredible fabrics from Phee Fabrics, and there is a reason – the obvious is that the quality is unparalleled! Did you know that all fabrics are from the USA?!? Check it out in the pinned post in the Facebook group . The other major reason for my devotion to Phee is the support, knowledge and overall love I feel from the group, both in my sewing endeavors and life in general.

This group has challenged me and lifted me up countless times in the last 12 months, in a way I could have never imagined. I found myself trying all new fabrics and patterns, from leggings with fancy cuts to open back tops and dresses….even a full blown coat! Most of these projects were completed with the help of the knowledgeable team and the Sew Along Group. Alas, some projects still sit half complete….

I spy a half finished Polartec Claire Coat on the mannequin

But I was given another gift from all of this sewing, SCRAPS!! I am guilty of letting scraps pile up for months until I get overtaken and try to pass them on to anyone or place, but not my Phee scraps! I covet those babies and my most prized are any and all of my Polartec scraps. When Phee first added these to the shop, I wasn’t sure what to make or if I would really love them. But the fabric is beyond gorgeous in color and quality is unmatched! It’s warm and cozy but still perfect for my active lifestyle.

Remember that coat I mentioned? There were a few scraps of Polartec Stretch Twill left and I wasn’t sure what to make with them, but my sewing space inspired me. I know lots of us sew in a basement or out of the way part of the house, and I am no different. My urban living has afforded me a space in our first floor entryway. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful, but this space in COLD in the Northeast winter’s! And my feet turn into popsicles. A light bulb luckily went off one day and I decided that I needed to wrap my feet in the Polartec scraps but I didn’t just want a sock or ankle slipper. I wanted “house boots”.

Twig and Tale Tie Back Boots answered my call. This is the shorter boot option but still gives me plenty of warmth and I was able to get them cut from scraps. The pattern calls for more stable fabrics so I added fusible interfacing to the back of the Polartec (note – I would not trying this on the Polartec power wool due to the unique raised backing)


The enclosed elastic was a better option for me since I get tangled up in ties when I am sewing and these warm booties will always be on in my sewing room ♥️

So as we start to look forward to the upcoming year and setting goals, I am going to try and create less waste with my craft and continue to push myself to learn all I can from this invaluable group! What will inspire you in the new?

Cheers to 2019!

No scrap left behind

With the holidays just around the corner, I’m hustling trying to get gifts made.  Hand made gifts are something I truly enjoy to not only make, but to give. But I tend to get carried away and end up having to figure something else out at the last minute….after already spending the money on the first idea. At this point I frantically search for scrap buster patterns that seem meaningful. Something that I can give someone that they will appreciate and use.  This year I’m skipping straight to the scrap buster.

The ‘90’s socks by Made for Mermaids are the perfect scrap buster! It has options for ankle, crew, and knee length….FOR ALL SIZES!!  That’s right! You can make socks for the whole family and all your friends with this pattern! Who doesn’t love homemade socks?! 

The Polartec fabric from Phee Fabrics is perfect for these socks!  It’s a breatheable lightweight fabric that will keep your feet warm and wick moisture away.  I used the scarlet Polartec powerdry for the sock and circular knit for the bands. I hate when my socks slide down but the  circular knit works well to prevent that. If you had some supplex scraps lying around, that would work great too.  You could even put some puffy paint on the bottom to make them not slippery.

Let me tell you, these socks are perfect!! They are warm but still breatheable and I can wear them with my sneakers! I will definitely be making more.  For all those reading this that get gifts from me….act surprised!

Tricot Headband

If you are anything like me then you enjoy an amazing headband and have lots of fabric scraps hanging around. After receiving a wonderful headband from a running buddy I knew I needed more and what better way to bust scraps then to have matching headbands to all of your favorite Phee creations? The headband I received from Manda Bees is awesome but just a touch too big for my head and a little bit too wide for my liking.


I started with an 18″ wide by 3″ tall scrap of Hot Pink tricot. This will pair with my Phee hot pink camo and tricot Super G’s (assuming my daughter does not snag it to match her rashguard and swim bottoms)!!! Pretty handy my quilting ruler is also the same size, huh?


First seam is placed with right sides facing with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.


Next, open seam allowance and fold each edge to the center of the headband and pin. I used just a straight stitch for this as it does not need to stretch.


Fold in half again so cut edges are now enclosed and stitch on either side of the existing seam. There will be four layers of fabric.


Turn headband right side out and enjoy your creation!

Thank you for visiting the Phee Fabrics blog! For more colors of Tricot Fabrics, please visit the site for current stockings!