Bodysuit…with a thong option.

Hello y’all! Alisha here.

I love the idea of a body suit but I always think I’d like to wear them with pants that hug the booty BUT I hate panty lines SO I did something about it.

I mashed the Tai bodysuit with the Greta Thong from Made for Mermaids and voila!! It’s perfection and seriously so comfortable! I do believe a lot of the comfort has to do with the amazing Rayon Spandex from Phee Fabrics! I used the navy and also lined the crotch with the winter white (no longer available) For the leg bands I used the Navy 2.5 inch lace and I cut it in half to use for the bands (it worked out perfectly!) for my body I did the scoop back and 3/4 length sleeeves.

How I made my mash. I first used the high waisted Greta thong option (you could use any height, I just did the high waisted cause that’s what I’m going to make for the thongs and it made my life easier 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lol) I laid the Greta pattern piece on the Tai body suit and lined the Greta crotch piece up with the end of the Tai crotch and that traced the Greta till I got to the sides of the tai and than used the Tai pattern piece for the rest of my pattern. Mine looks like this:

I sewed the crotch as directed for the Greta I than serged the lace to the front and back leg openings. I than sewed the shoulder seams, added the sleeves, than the neck band, sewed up the sides and MAGIC! This is going to be my go to for the summer! Super comfy and no panty lines 🙌🏻

Thank you so much for reading along and any questions please feel free to ask!!

Muah! Alisha

Patterns links below!

Valentine’s for us single gals

Hello again!

It’s almost that month where everyone turns lovey dovey, flower sales go up and chocolate is everywhere. Well this year I’ve decided that instead of eye rolling at this holiday I’m going to embrace it! Now I am a single gal of four years, I am happy single and felt that this holiday can be for single gals too!

So here it goes. I am going to share with you fun things to do on Valentine’s Day! (Single lady style and you could even grab a friend to join!)

❤️ Mani/Pedi

❤️ Massage

❤️ How about try a yoga class (I love hot yoga personally)

❤️ Take out and a movie at home (my usual, which I share my dinner with my handsome pup name Tater!)

❤️ How about go to a movie by yourself. Cause why not?!

❤️ A day trip to someplace you’ve never been but wanted to check it out for a while or just drive till you find a destination (hey maybe you’ll be your next love there!)

❤️ And last how about a cooking class, look to make something you’ve never been able too or learn a new cooking skill!

With all the options for couples out there, that doesn’t mean that single ladies can’t embrace the holiday as well!! Single doesn’t define us, so let’s not let a holiday do the same.

And buy yourself flowers and chocolates!!


Alisha ❤️

I’ll be wearing my super fun red supplex Chelsea’s and modified pacific pullover (in black polatec, which is no longer available but fingers crossed it will be back!) from Greenstyle for my Valentine’s Day!

Let’s talk about base layers…

Hi y’all! Alisha here for Phee Fabrics!

Today I’d like to talk about winter and how important base layers are especially when you live in upstate NY like myself. We have a lot of outdoor activities, some include snow shoeing, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and ice skating just to make a few!

Well instead of being trapped inside for the winter I chose to add layers to be able to get outside, get some exercise and just enjoy the crisp air!

First layer is the most important, it should be breathable, non clingy and just comfortable. So for my first set of base layers I’ll be making I have chosen Phee’s Plum Supplex. I used Greenstyle Creations Super Gs for the bottoms and a modified Green Tee (free pattern when you join the Greenstyle Facebook group!) These two together have made the perfect base layer as this supplex is breathable, comfortable and easy to move in and I can enjoy some winter activities with family and friends!

The links to purchase the plum supplex and the Super Gs are listed below! Happy shopping and get out and enjoy the outdoors it’s good for the soul!

Super Gs

Plum Supplex

Happy sewing!

❤️ Alisha

Well, because boobs sag as we get older

I’m not a very well endowed person, I’d say I was average (36D on a good day) but as I get older my boobs aren’t as perky as they use to be, it sucks but it’s life.

Well I have the solution, it’s techsheen from Phee Fabrics. It’s life changing, or boob changing! I used the North Shore from Greenstyle Creations to create my vintage inspired suit. I also use tan swim lining and Raspberry Circular Knit from Phee as well, just cause her fabric is the greatest!

(The tan techsheen used for my suit is currently sold out, there is black and white or you could use two layers of tan powernet for the same support)

A little about my suit, I did the high waisted bottoms with the pullover top with tie front and less coverage for the cleavage. I didn’t include cups cause I didn’t need them with the techsheen.

I used swim lining in the back of the top and techsheen in the front (the clip shows the part with the techsheen)

For the bottoms I used techsheen in the front to help with belly coverage and make things smoother. I used swim lining for the back of the bottoms (the clip shows the techsheen)

The tan techsheen is thicker than other techsheen but they are all just as supportive!! It’s seriously life changing and helps keep our girls where they are meant to be not where gravity wants them to be!

Any questions just ask!