Swim Week 2021 Winners List

We have wrapped up another successful Swim Week. Thank you so much to all the donors, participants, and promoters who made this all possible. If your name is on the winners list, please contact customer.service@pheefabrics.com to claim. To find more information about discounts and prizes read this blog.

Day 1 Winners:

Rad Patterns: Emily Chen, IG name: IEmSewHappy

Phee Fabrics: Andrea M Davies, IG name: GuidoTheIncognito

Day 2 Winners:

Sew Swimmingly: Gina Furr and Jessi Juart

Day 3 Winners:

Swim Style: Melissa Fisher

Jalie: Margie Craighead

Phee Fabrics: Melody Joyce

Day 4 Winners:

Edgewater Ave: Theresa Janke

Little Lizard King: Michelle Craig

Day 5 Winners:

MIKO: Barbara Bradford

5 out of 4: Kaitlyn Forster and Sonya Brooke

Made for Mermaids: Ashley Reign Heren

Day 6 Winners:

Sofiona Bundle: Morgan Marie

Sofiona Shop Credit: Rose Kern

Friday Pattern Company: Kerri Clark

Day 7 Winners:

Sew A Little Seam: Kelsey Garnhart

Ellie & Mac: Amy Hanson

Phee Fabrics: Devon Kate

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