Women’s Denim Shorts

When I saw the Sonia Estep Bahama Shorts made in AGF Cool Foliage Denim I knew I had to have them and quickly purchased the pattern. The pattern is either for shorts or pants and I figured shorts would be the best starting point for fitting and it’s 105 degrees out right now.

There is a lot of room for your own interpretation in this pattern so I’m hoping to clear some of it up and help alleviate some of the stress of sewing a pair of woven shorts.

These tips are useful for all woven patterns, including this one.


If your pattern contains a piece for a square or rectangular piece, I find it easier to measure the pattern piece then cut the woven fabric on your cutting mat to ensure a straight cut.

Fold and press the seam allowance

Left: exposed cut pockets Right: enclosed pockets to eliminate fraying

Open up and snip the corners to reduce bulk

Snipped corners to reduce bulk

Fold the cut edge to meet the pressed line, press, fold again and press. This will ensure that you won’t have internally frayed pocket

The back flaps tend to use 2 layers of fabric so why not have so fun with it and use a scrap print for the inside .

Make sure the right sides are together, stitch around leaving a small pocket for flipping.

Snip corners then flip so the wrong sides are together and press.

Pocket Positioning

With the Bahama Shorts, this is where it gets tricky because depending on the waistband that you choose will decide on the rise. Just following the pattern could leave your pockets not positioned in the best place so I would suggest the you decide on the waist option before basting the pockets.

Baste the pattern together now.

Because you can use any elastic that you have, I chose 1.5″ because I had it on hand. After folding and pressing the casing, this would have left the waistband stitching into the front pockets.

I found that using 3/4″ elastic was the best option to create your desired rise. Once you get the ideal rise (do not add elastic yet) you can then add the pockets to the most flattering positions.

After that is done I always assemble wovens with French seams.

Also featuring a key fob. You can find the pattern HERE

Happy sewing


One thought on “Women’s Denim Shorts

  1. Hi..I’m having problems printing this pattern. I don’t see the layers icon on my toolbar. What’s the best way to print…via Firefox, Internet Explorer or something else. Thanks


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