Phee Fabrics is finding ways to use up your Art Gallery scraps. This blog is focusing on Masks! Since March there have been so many companies that have released mask patterns. Different sizes and styles are overwhelming and we are going to try to narrow down the options to some of our favorites. If you want to read more about the reason we choose AGF for masks

For this weeks contest entry you can choose your favorite one, even if it’s not listed, as long as it is using Phee Fabrics. Plus you have a chance to win a Scrap Pack! 


  • Scrap of woven fabric about 1/4 yard
  • Scrap of Rayon Spandex, minimum 15″ x 4″
  • A Serger or Sewing Machine. Depending on chosen pattern
  • Thread

Free Patterns

  • DIBY Fitted Face Mask. The pattern has sizes child through adult large
  • Eunoia has a template for a fitted mask that is used to be worn over a N95 mask but does require elastic.
  • Sweet Red Poppy has fitted and pleated mask patterns. The patterns are child through adult sizes for both versions but do require floral wire and without siliconed tips they will wear through the mask over a period of washing and wearing
  • Twig + Tale has fitted and pleated mask versions. Ties or elastic. Sizing for children and adults
  • Deconess has a pleated mask pattern that can be made with ties or elastic and only has one size for child and one for adult
  • CDC has a pleated mask pattern with ties or elastic.
  • Olson has a fitted mask pattern that can use elastic, hair ties or fabric ties
  • Elderberry Blossoms has child through adult sizes. Some designs are made for knit but we love the woven ones.
  • has a fitted mask pattern. Seam allowances are not included so adding them to the templates can expand the sizes from child to adult large.

We would love to see your Masks! Enter to win an Art Gallery Scrap Pack. 

Happy Sewing


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