Virtual Sewing For Kids

Supplies needed:

Assembled pattern from lesson 1

Chalk or washable marker


Fabric Scissors


Optional Supplies: Rotary cutter and cutting mat

If you have some suggestions for future makes, we would love to hear it!

Melissa and Giacomo

8 thoughts on “Virtual Sewing For Kids”

  1. That is genius and generous! Thank you! I will be forwarding this news to my daughters who both have little boys.

  2. Hi! My daughters Katherine (9 tomorrow!) and Charlotte (6) would love to participate in your sew along! Such a great idea. Thank you for putting this together.

  3. I love sewing with my son and he loves seeing anything with dinosaurs. Lol. Archer and I definitely plan to tune in. When can we expect these videos to be uploaded?

    1. We are going to begin filming in about an hour, a friend was going to help with the camera so I could go live but we’re going to tripod route. My goal is to have it posted by this afternoon

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