Virtual Sewing For Kids

In times where schools are closed down, Phee Fabrics has decided to start a weekly virtual sewing class that we be held on our YouTube Channel. The goal is to grow children’s interest, sewing knowledge and skill into something that they can be proud of. Think virtual Home Ec! When I was 4 years old my grandmother taught me to sew. By beginning with very basic skills and this is how this program will be run. Explaining supplies, fabrics, pattern assembly etc. Engage the kids and hopefully give the caregivers a moment of sanity or at least fun interaction. My 5 year old son, Giacomo, will be appearing in these videos as well as dinosaurs, I’m sure. He would love it if everyone said hi!

Our first day will be explaining what we need to create a reusable grocery bag. Trish Newbery has two free patterns for this that we will be focusing on.

First will be a Large Unlined Bag. The Trish Newbery pattern can be found HERE

Your child will need:

22 pieces of printer paper to print the pattern

A glue stick or tape to assemble the pattern

Scissors, safety scissors are ok, we will be cutting the pattern with them

Either chalk or bust out some of those washable markers that still have the caps on them and not dried out (Godspeed).

While this small business would love from you to purchase from us, it is not required. Based on 60″ of woven fabric, you will need 1 1/3 yards.

8 thoughts on “Virtual Sewing For Kids

  1. That is genius and generous! Thank you! I will be forwarding this news to my daughters who both have little boys.


  2. Hi! My daughters Katherine (9 tomorrow!) and Charlotte (6) would love to participate in your sew along! Such a great idea. Thank you for putting this together.


  3. I love sewing with my son and he loves seeing anything with dinosaurs. Lol. Archer and I definitely plan to tune in. When can we expect these videos to be uploaded?


    • We are going to begin filming in about an hour, a friend was going to help with the camera so I could go live but we’re going to tripod route. My goal is to have it posted by this afternoon


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