Sew It Slow: Day 9

If your following along, share your progress using the hashtag #PheeSlowSew on social media. Don’t forget to catch all the posts for the sew along here. If you’re already done, don’t forget to enter a photo of your creation!

  • Ashland: Inseam pockets (optional), side seam + optional patch pockets
  • Betty: facing and shoulder seams
  • Cabin: side seam
  • Cielo: side seam
  • Fireweed: zipper + back seam
  • Floreat Sleeved: facing
  • Floreat Sleeveless: back opening
  • Geranium: buttons
  • Hinterland: placket + button holes
  • Larkspur: side seams
  • Matilda: collar + hem
  • Sedona: sleeve placket + cuff
  • Trevi: hem
  • Washi: side seams


  • hems
    • blind catch stitch
    • slip stitch
    • flat catch stitch
    • mitered
    • narrow
    • bias hem

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