Sew It Slow: Day 3

For your specific pattern you should be working on the following today:

  • Ashland: skirt darts (note that this is not in order of the instructions)
  • Betty: darts
  • Cabin: stay stitch neckline + weltless pocket
  • Cielo: darts
  • Fireweed: flounces
  • Floreat Sleeved/Sleeveless: inseam pockets
  • Geranium: shoulder seams + flutter sleeve (optional)
  • Hinterland: staystitch neckline (and arms for sleeveless) + darts
  • Larkspur: shoulder seams + collar (optional)
  • Matilda: skirt pockets + skirt
  • River: staystitch
  • Sedona: button wrap folds + buttonholes
  • Trevi: staystitch neck and arms
  • Washi: darts


The technique videos below include:

  • staystitching
  • darts
  • bias tape
  • seam finishes
    • stitch + pinked
    • turn + stitched
    • single overlock
    • double overlock
    • French seam
    • French piping
  • weltless pocket: Blueprints for Sewing already has an amazing tutorial on how to do this, so check it out here.
This one isn’t in today’s schedule, but I thought it would be good to give it to you early.
This is great for a decorative finish around the edge of a pocket, along the top and bottom of a waistband. There are so many different options for using this technique.

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