Transitional Outerwear: A lightweight LoneTree Vest using Stretch Twill

I am a cold weather person through and through. Long sleeves, high necks, big scarves, and bundling up are some of my favorite things and when the weather turns colder nothing gets me more excited than layering as many me-mades on my body at one time as possible. Last year I made a handful of jackets. This year it was time to branch out just a little bit farther and make a vest!

I found this LoneTree Jacket. It ranges in size XS – 4X, comes in vest or jacket versions and drafted for Stretch Twill. Phee Fabrics introduced this fabric base in the spring of 2019. It has a slight 4 way stretch, is moisture wicking, quick drying, great drape without losing it’s shape, wrinkle resistant and machine washable. While using it for summer sewing I couldn’t wait to see how it would transition into fall sewing.

I worked it up in the Black Stretch Twill (other colors are also available. Check them out here). I adored how quick and easy it was to put together. Unlike with the jacket version of this pattern I did not need any alterations for the vest version and made a straight size XXL (my measurements are 44,34,45).

I did choose to leave off the upper pockets because my boobs are large enough and we dont need any additional fabric or attention in that area!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to sew with the Stretch Twill from Phee Fabrics yet, it is one of the easiest woven fabrics I have had the pleasure to sew with. Normally I am a knit person and have at least twenty garments hanging in my closet made out of the Phee rayon spandex. I typically avoid sewing woven patterns if at all possible. Woven fabrics don’t stretch like knits. The fit in knits tend to be more forgiving, Phee Fabrics stocks plenty of high quality knits, make sure to check them out. Woven’s usually require zippers, which I abhor. We all have our thing, amirite?

The Phee Stretch Twill has a 4 way stretch of 10% in each direction. Which means it is much easier to fit garments made out of it! It also sews and presses like a dream which makes the fiddly construction of things like this vest easy and painless.

When I first made this pattern I jumped right in with the full jacket version and had a bit of a time trying to fit the sleeves for me and it put me off from the pattern altogether for a while. If you are new to sewing, interested in a beginner outerwear pattern then I definitely think this vest is the way to start! Plus, the drawstring waist makes this one easy to fit, which I think also makes this a great first outerwear piece.

Happy sewing!

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