Sewing a Cowl-Neck Hoodie

This month I attempted to make my first bit of outerwear. The Cowl-Neck Hoodie by Sewing Rabbit. It is a free sweatshirt pattern with dolman sleeves and a relaxed fit. The pattern calls for fabric with a slight stretch. This pattern can be used for non stretch or minimal stretch fabrics. I used the Phee Fabrics Charcoal stretch twill. I made the XL based on the final measurements in conjunction with the fitting measurements. The sizing is extremely limited but a free pattern is still a free pattern so I am grateful for it and excited to try it.

Whelp, guess what? It didn’t fit. I had to add width to the front, the back, the waist, and the cowl. I do not think I will be using the pattern again, unfortunately, due to the sizing issues.

It turned out decently, but I think that was mostly due to the very high quality of the stretch twill!! I think this will make a nice outer layer for fall.

The drape of is lovely and its not too thick for southern California.

At the end of this project I walked away saying I would definitely recommend the Phee Fabrics stretch twill, though. It cut and stitched like a dream.

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