Fall Mini Capsule, PHEE Style

It’s almost fall again, my favorite time of the year! Each season I make a mini capsule wardrobe to base my wardrobe transition off of and in spring I wrote a whole series covering the processes of using my capsule wardrobe EBook to create the perfect, tailored to me me-made capsule wardrobe.

Usually I go all out and create a bunch of new pieces but this year I wanted to focus of reincorporating a few of may most favorite me-mades into my wardrobe!

If you need help creating the mini capsule of your dream grab a copy of my Ebook on Etsy! PS It’s on sale!

I like to pick a few favorite patterns I love and build around that using quality fabrics. This season I made multiples of the P4P Brunch blouse and PegLeg Leggings as well as the Madelyn Top Pattern.

Both sets of leggings, my black rayon spandex cardigan, and the white Madelyn top are all reincorporated items for this capsule and I am so happy to bring them into fall. You can read more about them in my personal blog.

There is only one item I still am undecided on… What I should make for a layer out of the new cozy french terry! I know I want some sort of cardigan but choosing a color is really hard! What do you think I should make to fill that spot??

Okay enough blabbing lets look at some of the outfits I can out together using the Soduko wardrobe template featured in Sew Your Capsule!

Fabirc Links (Aff Links)

Rayon Spandex



The Soduko capsule wardrobe works really well for me because I can layer the pieces together or wear them separate like I am in these pictures to create the most possible outfits. The graph below shows how many outfits can be made with just the nine pieces using three items at once, look how may different options there are!

If you’re a capsule newby I suggest sticking to a fairly neutral palette with just one or two pops of color like I did fr this mini capsule to make it easier t mix all of the pieces together. Once you have done a few however it gets easier and easier to mix in multiple pops of color. Playing with varying textures is always a good idea in any capsule wardrobe!

Are you making a capsule wardrobe this fall? Leave a message down below telling me where you like to find your capsule info!

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