Pinspiration hack: three trends, one dress

This may have been one of those instances where less is more but… I went for it anyway and love the results!

When I first found this pink, drapey dress on Pinterest I fell in love with it and went on the hunt for a pattern to recreate it, to no avail. It is the perfect mash up of a bunch of the trends I am loving right now (midi skirt, extra long flutter sleeves, and a overall loose fit) into what has to be just the most perfect combination.

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Annoyed, I put the dress on the back burner for a few months… Until I hit a inspiration roadblock and decided to power through and figure out how to make this dang dress! Turns out it was a super easy hack I could do with patterns I already owned which is a bonus win!

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Now mine is significantly shorter than the pin-speration dress because math is hard and circle skirts take a crap ton of fabric but the general overall vibe is the same and I am in love!

I used my much beloved Phee rayon spandex (seriously 90% of my projects are made out of Phee rayon spandex at this point) and three different Made for Mermaids patterns to create this faux wrap dress. I used the currently sold out periwinkle color for my make but I think this would be especially stunning in the royal blue or burgundy colors for fall!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SEWUPRISING-PHEE-PROMO-JULY-2019-WM-1-683x1024.jpg

For the upper part of the dress I used the Isabel wrap dress sized up two sizes and turned it into a faux wrap by sewing both sides of the front into the side seams. The skirt is the Adeline pattern circle skirt (but really any circle skirt would do). The sleeves were from the Sierra dress/romper pattern and all I did for those was lengthen them by eight inches, easy peasy! For the tie I just cut a 5″ tall by WOF piece, and sewed a long rectangle.

I also chose to swap the direction of the wrap tot he other wide to be more flattering to my body (hello lopsided chest) which is a major bonus of sewing your own clothing!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SEWUPRISING-PHEE-PROMO-JULY-2019-wm-6.jpg

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