Made for Traveling in Stressful Times

This past month has been completely hectic for me, as I’ve been feverishly sewing summer clothes for my daughter, recording videos for the Sew a Little Seam Linden sew along that took place in the Phee Fabrics Sew Along group on Facebook, and getting ready for our summer vacation. All of these things lead to stress, and I just needed something to calm my mind. I had been working on a swimsuit for myself that was going every way, except for the right way, as sizing was completely off, so I set it aside, and started working on something fun for myself.

I had two things in mind, and started working on the first. When Jalie came out with their new patterns this year, the Nikita jumped out at me. I’m not sure what exactly it was about it, but I kept going back to it, so I decided I needed it for my trip. I pulled some fabrics out of my stash, Insane in the Membrane, Cerise Nylon/Spandex, and White Circular Knit are what I pulled out and got started.


As I was working, I did things like not paying attention to all parts of my dress on the burrito roll, and then being indecisive on the topstitch thread color around the armbands. These were at no fault to the pattern, in fact, as I was sewing the seam of the burrito roll, I was thinking “I sure love a good burrito roll”, and it would have been so good, if I was paying attention. *facepalm*


It all worked out in the end, and I love the dress. It was perfect today after we got out of the river to throw on over my swimsuit! I expect to be wearing it a lot more during my trip, and not just as a swimsuit coverup.

Now let me get to the best part of this blog post, because seriously I think it’s my favorite part. I don’t know about you, but I love using packing cubes when traveling, they help with keeping things organized, and keeping clothes all together.


Now that my daughter’s clothing is much larger than it used to be, I knew I needed to add an additional packing cube to our travel bags. I’ve made one in the past when I wanted one last minute and couldn’t get to the store to pick one up, so I decided to do it again. I had a few different colors of Phee’s stretch twill, but decided to go with the coral, because it looked amazing with this zipper I already had.


I love the way it turned out. When I got to my happy place today and opened my suitcase to get my swimsuit out, I saw it and smiled. I also couldn’t believe how much I could stuff inside of it and it would still close, I think that little bit of stretch helped to fit even more in than if I were using a regular woven. I like that it’s an antimicrobial fabric, so that I can feel confident putting dirty clothes in it later during my trip.

For me finding joy and getting lost in the moment is creating something that has no instructions or restrictions. Sometimes I just need to make something without restrictions and go with the flow.

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