Whatever “Twill” Be…

Yes I know, corny right?? 🎵Que’ sera, sera🎶 lol. That’s kinda how I felt this month. I’ve been out of the loop a bit, and I kinda lost my sew-jo. So when we were asked to create something with new fabrics I thought,” oh no 😥 not woven!” But the colors are so pretty I have to try. Let me tell you, this stuff is nothing like any stretch twill I’ve seen before. It has almost a silky quality to it. Definitely not the stiff stuff like khaki pants I had in my mind lol! But now I’m even more worried… This is beautiful and I’m going to ruin it, the pattern I have is to simple, this is not going to work!

I chose the Half Moon Atelier Roma skirt as my base….

Mostly because it was cute and super simple. I haven’t made anything but bowties with wovens in forever. And because it would be simple to alter. Most woven patterns dont fit my curvy hind end so I knew I would need to tweak a few things. So the pattern goes to a 49 in hip😖. Yea not happening I needed to add 10 inches to that. I also wanted an elastic waist because let’s face it, I’m just not ready to tackle fitting a 59 in hip and a 43in waist!

I added my adjustments and whipped up my skirt. (Seriously, like 30 minutes mostly doing the elastic lol) and ugh I didn’t like it, or so I thought….. what do you think?

Sometimes simple is not so bad after all. 🎵Whatever “twill” be, will be!🎵 TTFN!

Here’s my Affiliate link if you choose to use it! Thank you!


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