Twill, Oh How I Adore Thee!

When I first started sewing, I primarily stuck to Double Brushed Polyester and French Terry. Then I realized, I love fabric. Plain and simple. I love everything about it-probably more than actually the act sewing itself. I love that there are so many different options for colors, prints, weights, drapes, moisture wicking, I could go on for awhile, but I won’t.  After I got more confidence in my sewing abilities I branched out to active wear and found more fabric to love.

I didn’t think I needed any other fabric choices. Phee decided to prove me wrong. Last month Stetch Twill was  introduced. I quickly ordered Charcoal and Coral (I tossed in some of the new Navy Tricot to make it a party). As always the shipping was super fast and I was quickly feeling the new material and I instantly fell in love. IMG_0493

The colors were beautiful and the texture was like no fabric I had before. It has very little stretch, but is smooth and soft to the touch. Phee is offering it in five colors currently including Black, Navy, White, Coral, and Charcoal. Upon feeling it I was automatically thinking that this would be perfect for a gym shorts or an awesome pair of hiking pants. I decided to step out of my normal box and decided to try Helen’s Closet Winslow Culottes.


I loved the drape of the pattern and the backwards pleats. The high waisted factor is also something new to me as I am usually more of a dress lady. This pattern definitely puts me outside of my comfort zone as I am not used to working with woven fabrics, I have never done pleats, and it also includes an invisible zipper. I chose to do view B length.

I received my fabric at lunch and immediately threw it in the wash to dry after I go off of work. As I was driving back into work I realize I probably made a large mistake and didn’t finish the cut edges before putting my new fabric into the wash. I fully expected to find a rat’s nest of string when I returned to the washer like I do with other woven’s that I am too lazy to serge the ends. I was pleasantly surprised when I returned to find minimal shedding.


The pattern came together well and had very well placed notches on the pieces to ensure alignment of everything during assembly. Ensure you locate and place all notches. I missed a few and had to go back to add them.  The pattern includes an option for pockets which makes this pattern even more practical. The pleats and Charcoal Twill went beautifully together. I paired it with a woven tank top to complete the full woven look and felt rather business casual.



The light weight feel of this fabric is perfect for a breezy well draped pattern. The anti wrinkle of the fabric would make it perfect for apparel. Next up on my Stretch Twill plan will definitely be some pants-or shorts, who really knows, but I will definitely streamlining this fabric into my wardrobe immediately. Be sure to check out the other new fabrics at Phee including Navy Tricot and a Bisque Supplex.

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