Thread Matching, Phee Fabrics Edition

Hi sewing pals! I’m Ashley! I’m bringing you a blogpost on matching the Phee Fabrics that I have on hand to a popular brand of serger thread, Maxilock. I get Maxilock from because their prices can’t be beat and they ship quickly. (Not Phee fast, because Melissa is a super-ninja-boss-lady, but fast enough.)

I wrote a general thread matching blogpost, and these principles can be used on Phee Fabrics as well. Today’s post is specifically focusing on getting a great fabric-thread match for the most professional looking results.

Ready? Let’s get started.

First up is Phee’s Rayon Spandex. If you haven’t tried this fabric yet, ohmygosh what are you waiting for? It is GREAT! It has such a nice weight, lovely drape, doesn’t pill, and is a pleasure to sew. It is absolutely my favorite fabric to sew and wear right now.

I used Emerald Rayon Spandex for this Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan. (I’ll be hosting a sew-along in the Phee Fabrics Sew Along Facebook Group starting May 1. Coupons for both the pattern and Phee Rayon Spandex in the group!!! Get it while it’s on sale!!) I love this combination of pattern and fabric and wear this cardigan once a week. Maxilock Churchill Green is a great match for this fabric.

I think a dark gray thread blends well with most colors. I order Maxilock Steel more frequently than any other color. It hides well in medium and dark colors and even black. A light gray blends easily with light colors.

The fabric pictured below is Light Heathered Gray Rayon Spandex. The thread on the left is Steel, the one on the right is Light Gray. I prefer the Steel color because it almost disappears.

I prefer Maxilock Steel for the Heathered Charcoal Rayon Spandex as well.

Next up is one of my favorite colors, Turquoise Rayon Spandex. This is also a close color match for the Turquoise Circular Knit. Both of these fabrics are so beautiful for spring and summer. They’re great for tees, dresses, skirts, tanks, rompers, and even panties. The color is just so pretty. If you want moisture wicking properties, go with the circular. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with either of these two fabrics. Both go well with Maxilock Turquoise, a happy coincidence.

Next up is Navy Rayon Spandex (will be back in stock soon) and Navy Supplex. I’ve already sang the praises of the buttery soft, wonderful drapiness of the rayon spandex, so let’s switch gears to talk about supplex for a sec. Phee’s supplex is a thick, heavy weight, compressive fabric that is soft and moisture wicking. It’s great for workout tights, pants, jackets, waistbands, and even bodycon dresses. Both the Navy Rayon Spandex and Navy Supplex match Maxilock Navy.

Up next is another supplex color that I’m crazy about – Cherry. This is a great statement color! Maxilock Poppy Red is a perfect match!

Burgundy Rayon Spandex has so much potential for both matching and coordinating colors. If you want a color that matches, Red Currant is your best bet. For this Summer Kimono, I chose to use Bright Fuchsia because it matched the lace and tied it in as a coordinating color. I almost used Roseate because it looked so pretty with the Burgundy. I’m no help with this one – I really loved all three.

The newly stocked White Rayon Spandex has an obvious color match. I stick to White thread for some prints, too, like Insane in the Membrane and Matte Stripes. But sometimes I like to make the thread colors different and fun. Like in the Christmas shirt I made below, using Black Rayon Spandex, I used Churchill Green and Poppy Red in the loopers. Instant Christmas cheer!

I’ve saved the best for last. My most favorite of all is the Peacock Supplex. This color is PERFECT. I made a Greenstyle Creations Sundance Jacket with it as well as some Polartec Powerstretch (sorry, out of stock) and I cannot get enough of this color. Dark Turquoise is a great match.

Other Phee Fanatics have suggested the following combinations for the fabrics that I don’t (yet) own:

Olive Supplex matches Maxilock Olive Drab

Plum Circular Knit matches Gutermann color 930

I know this isn’t an exhaustive list of in stock fabrics, but I hope it helps you see how the fabric and thread matches appear at on your screen to help you better determine which thread color will match your favorite Phee Fabrics.

Happy sewing!!

This post contains affiliate links. That means, at no additional cost to you, if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a very small percentage that goes right back into my creative hobby budget. I will always only recommend to you what I would absolutely purchase again. Pinky promise.

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