Practice, practice, practice

Sometimes the smallest things are what challenges us most. Zippers, welt pockets, buttons….these things don’t bother me. In fact I enjoy the challenge. But Lace is something I struggle with making it look nice. For one,getting the right side up is a challenge in itself. It’s so delicate, and I’m so far from delicate it’s not even funny. Add that in with bra cup pieces that are all cut in mirrored images and my brain just goes to mush. So my goal is to force myself to do a lot of these projects to get practice.


My second challenge for this project is I completely lost my momentum for it. Well, let’s be honest, I lost momentum for everything. I cut the pattern out before things got super busy. Lately I want to sew, but then I realize that I’m rushing through and not paying attention and everything is going to crap. I just don’t have the brain power to think things through before I do them, and we all know that can lead to trouble.

I ordered all my supplies a while back, however when I went to start, I wasn’t happy with the color choices I bought. I searched my stash and found this hot pink tricot and knew that was it. I love how it looks paired with the gorgeous amethyst lace. At 6.25” wide, you can use it for a bunch of different things. If you’re not familiar with tricot, it’s a type of nylon spandex and It’s great for swim. It’s also antimicrobial and moisture wicking.BD63F8FD-5AC9-4CB4-B432-D1E5AAC25EBF

I found the Thyme Bodysuit pattern on Mood.  I figured it would be great for practicing and it’s a free pattern. I did a lace overlay on the cups and a solid tricot bottom rather than lace. I did also line the cups with powernet and put elastic around the outer side edge. It was gaping really bad before. It’s kinda wrinkly now but better than it was. I just used 1/4” clear elastic, also from Phee. but I’d use swim elastic next time. The bottom part fits great….the top is still not great. I also added elastic under the cups on the front.  I used 1/4” swim elastic. I also made the bottom one solid piece rather than putting snaps in because I will probably only wear this around the house. 7D9FF215-6A95-4A84-AD90-855BEB67C98B


If I were to make this a bathing suit, I’d line the whole thing, do elastic around the legs and work on making those cups more secure.

The pattern calls for French seams which I honestly forgot about doing, the entire first half of the project. French seams are really easy and they make the project look well finished.

I also decided to try the Tundra Bra Cage from Ohhh Lulu Lingerie. It’s a pretty quick project. If you need to practice making bra straps, this is the pattern for you! It gives the captive bra look that you can wear with any bra.  All you need is some bra strap elastic, rings, and sliders.


All of my materials came from Phee Fabrics. I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve gotten from there. Everything is high quality for a great price. I made sports bras and clothes for me and my toddler last year and they still look new.F54CB6B5-AE35-48AC-8ECC-6B94FDC079D8

Practice makes perfect!  If there’s a skill you’re looking to hone, sewing or not, practice will get you where you want to be with it. Find a fun project and practice, practice, practice!  Thanks for reading!!

Heads up: this post contains affiliate links which do benefit me but it just supports my fabric addiction;)

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