The Watson: Phee Lace Edition

IMG_0341.JPGWith March being Bra month over at the Phee blog I am being pushed slightly out of my comfort zone. This prompt did play into my sewing goal for this year. This year I am attempting to minimize all ready to wear purchases (to maximize my fabric budget). The items that were on the ‘ok to buy’ list are:

  • Socks-because I like the athletic socks and they aren’t something I really feel I get satisfaction out of sewing.
  • Jeans-I wear cheap jeans that sometimes I have to get rid of at work if I spill on them.
  • Bras-because bras are so complicated and out of my league as a fairly new sewist right?

Wrong! Phee’s prompt is the perfect opportunity to check an item off of my RTW acceptable list (maybe for 2020, I won’t buy any). As I was searching out bras I decided to start easy. I have already done many sports bras and have fully kicked my previous Kiava sports bra addiction. Going through the options I wanted to make sure the pattern I chose had no underwire, no foam, and was beginner friendly. I finally settled on Cloth Habit’s Watson BraCloth-Habit-1002-Watson-Cover-lg_bf7d0240-ef92-4c86-b21b-d1918fcbd51f_1200x.jpgwatson-tech-illustration_1200x.png

For my first try at the pattern I did view A in a 38E based on my measurements. I used a bra kit that I had received through my mystery box from Phee (that I got that lovely waffle knit in for my Lille Tanks here). The other materials I had on hand from Phee left over from other projects including Taupe Lace which is probably my favorite lace ever. The fit was almost spot on, but I felt like the straps were going to fall down off my shoulders, the straps were too thin, and the length of the bodice (view A) wasn’t a perfect fit for my body as it preferred to roll up. I decided on my next Watson I would do view B to alleviate the rolling of the bodice and I would move the straps ‘in’ (towards the center of my back). I would keep the same size, 38E.Cover.JPGIMG_0332.JPG

IMG_0309.JPGStrangely enough when I went to print out the different view of the back, view B actually already has the straps closer together. Even such, I decided to bring them inboard 1″ on each side. To do so I laid the piece pattern down on another piece of paper and traced the curve of the strap location. I then aligned my traced curve to extend the top edge back 1″. Tape in place, and blend curves so you have a steeper slop, but so that the strap elastic will come off of the back 1″ further in.

For my final bra, I used White Circular Knit, White Techsheen (from bra kit), and White and Black Lace for the band. For the cups I used Amethyst Lace and White Circular Knit. I used all Amethyst bra kit hardware (Plush Straps, 5/8″ Picot Elastic, and 3/8″ Picot Elastic.



Overall this bra is a great beginner friendly way to get your feet wet in the bra making world. I basted in this pattern more than in any other pattern every (I’ll be honest… I rarely ever baste when a pattern asks me to)-just to keep all of that lace where it supposed to be. The most difficult part is getting the cups aligned at the center, but don’t worry. The instructions are very well written and the included pictures are super helpful. The Watson will definitely stay on my pattern list for lounging bras. My one fall back on this pattern would be that you can see the seams through any light shirts. Next up will be an underwire and foam (probably the Harriet from Cloth Habit) to be a daily wearer to work. I will be on the search for a daily wearer bra that doesn’t show seams through my Rayon Spandex T-Shirts!

Thanks for reading along and be sure to stop by the Phee facebook page to show us your makes!

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