A Quick and Easy Sew

We have all been there – it’s the middle of winter (or spring, or summer) and all the sewing mojo (sewjo) is gone. That magical motivation to start and/or complete a sewing project has somehow evaporated. Either life has gotten too busy, work has taken over, or one of a myriad of other elements of our existence on this spinning ball of carbon based molecules.

For me, it was 60 hour work weeks, a recently disabled and blind father, and a few other things that made my life feel like a bad movie. I work what could be a very Debbie Downer of a job and sewing and crafting is my therapy. When my sewjo is gone, it’s not good for anyone!!!

What I have found helped me get my groove back is a simple and quick sew. Made for Mermaids’ Victoria Cheekies underwear pattern fit the bill for me. This pattern required less than two yards of stretch galloon (gal – looooooon, not gal – lun like the liquid quantity) lace, and a very small amount of cotton lycra (I used an old shirt).

Now what the hell is galloon lace? Its actually just lace with scallops on both sides!

I used the Mauve 9 inch wide stretch lace from Phee Fabrics. Now, I can tell you from experience that not all stretch lace is created equal. The Phee stretch lace is much, much, much higher quality. When stretched, the tiny elastic fibers aren’t evident. When stretched, the fabric doesn’t warp. THIS IS KEY IN UNDERWEAR!!!!!

What I am trying to say is this galloon lace is REALLY good quality. I wore this underwear the day after I made it and it had some smoothing qualities. I was thoroughly impressed!! The quality of the lace is equivalent to that of a high end lace. And its not itchy…….

For this pattern, you can use a range of widths of lace. I used 9 inch lace, but I have made this pattern with 6 inch lace. It all depends upon how much of your booty you want covered. I am about a US 16 and it covered the WHOLE booty.

First – remember to measure well. I love M4M patterns because they use colors rather than numbers for sizes. People get so hung up on sizes and rather than go off measurements, they select a size. I was between 2 sizes, but I know that when I make the larger size in M4M, it falls off my ass. So I opted for the smaller size.

I cut this double. You can cut two singles, but this lace is sturdy and did not slip at all. Remember – you don’t have to cut the top or bottom edges when using the galloon lace.

Now cutting stretch lace is…..interesting, because of all the holes. I use small, sharp scissors. This lace is thicker than some and so I used these fiskars micro tips to cut the curve. This lace is AWESOME! It cut nicely along the curve .

When piecing, I pin a lot. This lace doesn’t slip, but I want to ensure that my seam is well placed.

I used grey thread. This color mauve works well with a medium grey. Grey thread all but disappears.

After the sides are stitched, it is recommended to topstitch the seams to the side. This makes for a more comfortable wear. It also makes the liner sit flat. I then connected the smaller end together and closed up the crotch.

When cutting a liner for undergarments, there is not really a need for purchasing new cotton lycra. I do machine embroidery and have several screw up shirts, or as I like to call them “future tester material” (Yeh right!). Plain old tshirt material works perfectly for liners.

These take very little fabric and can be cut using conventional scissors. It is recommended to stitch around the edges using a zigzag or serger stitch. I used the same grey thread.

I then stitched it into the crotch of the undergarment.

Over all, this piece took less than an hour. It was a fulfilling sew that I could wear the next day. My over all cost was less than $10!!!! This style of store bought would probably cost around $20, and not be as comfy…… It made me feel accomplished when my sewjo was not in top form. I feel like replacing some of my more boring undies with some pretty lace cheekies. Hey – Phee Fabrics – Keep stocking more lace!!!! I am in love with it and so is my sewjo!!

Have questions, comments, concerns, funny jokes? Give me a holler! thirteenstardesigns@gmail.com

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