A New Level

I’m one of those crazy people that LOVE to workout. I do not skip days, unless I’m sick. I pretty much LIVE in gym clothes. The only problem with that is athletic clothing is ridiculously priced. I’m sure you’ve seen those ads on Facebook and you’ve gone to check the price. Then you quickly back out of that link because that price is crazy. I know I do!  I found this ad for these super cool leggings with wide mesh insets on the sides….like racing stripes. And of course there was a matching sports bra. Why not take my gym attire to a whole new level?!  96E78B5E-B0AD-4D8E-AAB8-FBD62CF64670So here is how I did my recreation.

I got all my materials from Phee Fabrics. The quality is always outstanding, all the fabrics are made in the USA, prices are reasonable, customer service is outstanding, and shipping is fast. https://pheefabrics.com/?aff=6

There is a discount code for today 2/24/2019 only! Get 1 yard of supplex and 1/2 yard of wide mesh for $21.50 so you can create your own pair! Discount code is JessBundle


*Olive supplex.  It’s 18 oz and totally squat proof. If you’re looking to make leggings, or pants in general…look no further. It’s also great for dresses, hoodies, and anything else your heart desires. It has 75% 4 way stretch, antimicrobial, and it’s moisture wicking. https://pheefabrics.com/olive-supplex-18-oz/?aff=6

*Black wide mesh.  This stuff is really versatile. It wasn’t too bad to work with either. Just add a little extra seam allowance to be sure you get all the little points, and use lots of pins or clips. Wonder tape is also a big help. It’s really stretchy and looks super cool! It’s got 4 way stretch and so many different things you can do with it! https://pheefabrics.com/black-wide-mesh/?aff=6

*Camo powernet.  I couldn’t resist lining this bra with this camo powernet. It’s so soft that it doesn’t bother me to have it directly on my skin. It has great holding power. It’s the best quality powernet I’ve seen. Plus the camo color makes me feel like a badass. https://pheefabrics.com/camo-powernet/?aff=6

*Plush bra strap elastic.  I’m in love with the fact I didn’t have to deal with making straps! This stuff is super plush and feels amazing! https://pheefabrics.com/plush-bra-strap-elastic/?aff=6

I did also use fold over elastic that I grabbed at Joanne fabrics. 

For the leggings I used the peg legs from Patterns for Pirates. https://www.patternsforpirates.com/product/peg-legs/

It’s a free pattern and if you download the add ons (also free) then you are set!  I really love the contoured waistband that’s on the add on. It’s amazing. I shorten it because I’m short. I take 1” right off the top.

For the side panels, I measured how big it was and figured out my measurements to fit the mesh, supplex, mesh in there. Make sure you add seam allowance to all pieces. After putting the side panels together, I topstitched the seam to the supplex so it wouldn’t stick out under the mesh. Then add on the front, back and waistband. Don’t forget to hem! Or if you’re like me….you’ll just fold them under. Lol!


For the bra, I used the powersports bra from Greenstyles Creations. https://greenstylecreations.com/collections/fitness-clothing/products/power-sports-bra-in-cup-size-a-h-and-bands-28-46

First I made the front all one piece. So overlapped then 3/8” to eliminate the seam allowance and traced. Then I lowered the neckline to have a little more of a plunging effect. The racer back option, doesn’t need to be changed at all. Except you don’t need to cut the straps.  So you can cut that quite a bit shorter.


To get the wide mesh center piece, I kinda winged it. I’m an out side of the box thinker.  I measured how long of a piece I needed from where the front straps go to the back piece. Then I added an 1”. I wanted extra wiggle room.  Then I guessed on the neckline too. This wide mesh has a lot of stretch to it and it worked out perfectly.


The construction is the same except you’re going to add that wide mesh in when you sew the front. I blasted the layers together before serging, to be sure I had it all and that it was in right. It’s hard to tell in the picture but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about  if not, leave a comment!F9970017-7C67-4B45-B47F-74BC81624D7C

I used the bra strap elastic instead of making straps. Now I want to make all the bras since I can just grab some of this stuff. 

To attach the wide mesh to the back straps, I did it just like the front. Just follow the directions. I was expecting to have issues at this point but I did not.



To finish it off I use FOE (fold over elastic). It all went smoothly until I got to the last few inches on my last seam. So frustrating!!!  Took it all out and re did it with no problems.  I think the FOE was a good choice because it seems to add some support around the wide mesh. 

Now I have a really hot outfit that I can wear to the gym, or at home and I didn’t spend nearly as much money.  Thanks for reading!!



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