#PheekimonoSAL Day 3

Today we get to do some sewing! Yay!

First if you’re doing the side slits make sure that the height you want your slits to go up to are marked on your fabric pieces. 10763123472_IMG_4747.jpg

Alright, with right sides together you’re going to sew along the shoulder seams using the 1/2 inch seam allowance. I like to use my serger but a sewing machine would work just fine too, be sure to use a stretch stitch like the zig zag or lightning stitch. If you’re worried about the shoulder seams ‘sagging’ you could add clear elastic into these seams to reinforce!



I’m going to be going over the version to use lace as trim so if you’re wanting to band your sleeves instead go ahead and follow the pattern instructions. If you have any issues just post and I’ll try my best to help! I’ll be adding my lace to the sleeves and hem tomorrow.


Now we are going to sew the side seams. If you’re doing the slit option sew with your serger down until you’re about two inches above (my orange clip is marking 2 inches above where I want my 12 inch slit to start) where you want your slit to start. Then sew those last two inches with your sewing machine leaving your seam allowance intact. If you’re not doing a slit you can sew all the way down the side using a serger or stretch stitch on your sewing machine.

Notice my skipped stitch because I forgot to change my needle type LOL.




To finish the side slit fold the seam allowance to the back the 1/2 inch and clip/pin and then hem.











The last step for today! Hemming the neckline. I like to serge the raw edge first and then use my coverstitch to hem. You can also just use a sewing machine or serge then use a sewing machine, a double needle works perfectly. Fold the neckline under, towards the wrong side 1/2 inch, and then hem!

Tomorrow we will be working on adding the lace and then the belt.

Thank you for joining me!




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