Let me tell you about my best friend…

Valentine’s Day….you either love it or you hate it. As kids we give all our friends valentines and it’s really exciting. As an adult, it becomes more about a significant other. And then you become a mom…..

To me, it’s a day about love. Whether it’s your significant other, best friend, child, parent/s, or pet….it all comes down to love.  There is nothing better than having someone show that they care. For the most part, we all love to feel “loved” and “wanted”. 

I was going to write about HTV’s but honestly, y’all probably know more than me. I’m kind of late to the game. Any thought I have that I’d like to put out there, most likely isn’t appropriate. However, now I’m a mom, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon. 

Phee Fabrics now has cutfiles on the site. This “Best Friends” cutfile is perfect!  I’m so in love with our matching shirts. You can get it here https://pheefabrics.com/best-friends-valentine/ I used the cherry rayon spandex. Here’s the link https://pheefabrics.com/cherry-rayon-spandex/I’m also in love with the fabric. The color is gorgeous and the fabric is to die for. Soft, thick (13 oz), and it doesn’t stretch out as you wear it. Also, it’s made in the U.S.A.  And it’s great for HTV! Go check out all the new amazing fabric, lace, notions, and cutfile listings!  Phee has you covered with great supplies to make the best gifts for all your “valentines”.

For the pattern I used the Mama Stella and Stella by Made for Mermaids.  I just omitted the waist band on both. On mine I added thumbhole cuffs. You can read how I did that here https://pheefabrics.wordpress.com/?s=Thumbhole+cuff

While it’s a few weeks early, I’m celebrating all the amazing people I have in my life, especially this little firecracker here. She may look just like her daddy, she acts just like me!  Happy Valentine’s everyone!!!

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