Thumbhole cuff hack

Now that winter is in full swing, my hands are always cold. I seriously think all long sleeve shirts should have thumbhole cuffs. I find them more functional than gloves and they are always right there. No need to search for the lost match. Luckily this is super easy to accomplish with any pattern. 

My goal is to have an entire wardrobe made from Phee Fabric’s Rayon Spandex. Not even joking!  I feel like I’ve written so much about it, and for good reason. It’s thick and has great drape. Easy to work with, buttery soft, and doesn’t lose its shape by the end of the day. It’s very affordable AND it’s also Made in the USA🇺🇸. I used the cherry color and it’s absolutely gorgeous!  I can’t wait to buy more!  If you’re thinking you need to give this rayon spandex a try, here’s the link:

I hacked the cuffs on the Mama Stella by Made for Mermaids. Here’s the link to the pattern: already shortened the my pattern piece by 1.5” I believe. I used the “banded top” length. You could use the tunic length and make it a little longer if crop tops aren’t your thing. I made the shirt per the pattern instructions except I left off the waistband and hemmed instead. 

For the wrist cuff I kept it the same width but added 3” to the length. I’m petite with small hands. You could easily add more. I would suggest putting the shirt on to see where the sleeves hit and measuring how long you want the cuff to go. Then double that number. 

First I folded in half lengthwise and put my hand on it to see where I wanted my thumbhole. Yes I know…not very scientific but MY brain does best without math.  I marked where I want the thumb hole to start and end. I usually make notches instead of using pins. You could also mark with chalk. Once you unfold it, you will have 4 notches or pins, two for each side of the thumbhole. Then you’ll fold it over width wise and mark on that side where the marks are on the other side. So it should look like this. a5113dda-2440-45a4-a8da-e3ab97715a10

Fold it widthwise so that right sides are facing. Mentally label the marks 1,2,3,4.  You’re going to sew, using a stretch stitch, from point 2-3.d0197d46-0c72-4698-913b-2c67b748e7f7

This is where it gets confusing. From there, you’re going to fold it, right sides together still, so that point 1 and 4 line up, on one side. I did the right side first. And you’re going to sew between those points. Be sure that nothing is getting caught up in this. Keep all the other pieces pulled to the side. I like to overlap a little on all of these different points. You want to try and keep all the different stitches in one straight line.


Then you’ll do the same on the other side. 

So you still have these little tail pieces. 6b6f2007-16ca-46d2-841a-7cc5d2cc09a2You’re going to stitch them up like so. Be sure to start on the existing stitch line, then go out towards the end.  From there you’ll turn it out and you’ll have a thumbhole cuff with no exposed seams. Attach to the sleeve like normal. 

If you’re a visual person like me, here’s a great video.

Here’s to us all having warmer hands for the rest of the winter season!  Thanks for reading!



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