Let’s talk about base layers…

Hi y’all! Alisha here for Phee Fabrics!

Today I’d like to talk about winter and how important base layers are especially when you live in upstate NY like myself. We have a lot of outdoor activities, some include snow shoeing, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and ice skating just to make a few!

Well instead of being trapped inside for the winter I chose to add layers to be able to get outside, get some exercise and just enjoy the crisp air!

First layer is the most important, it should be breathable, non clingy and just comfortable. So for my first set of base layers I’ll be making I have chosen Phee’s Plum Supplex. I used Greenstyle Creations Super Gs for the bottoms and a modified Green Tee (free pattern when you join the Greenstyle Facebook group!) These two together have made the perfect base layer as this supplex is breathable, comfortable and easy to move in and I can enjoy some winter activities with family and friends!

The links to purchase the plum supplex and the Super Gs are listed below! Happy shopping and get out and enjoy the outdoors it’s good for the soul!

Super Gs

Plum Supplex

Happy sewing!

❤️ Alisha

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