Pattern Hack: Lace Panty Waist Band

Hey, Hey! Today I wanted to share with you all a quick hack for switching out the elastic finishing on top of a panty pattern for a more flattering and smoothing wide lace waistband using the stretch lace trim from Phee! When my two new panty sewing patterns released last week (check them out on Etsy if you haven’t seen them yet!) one of the biggest requests I had was for an option for a wide lace waistband and I am more than happy to oblige! This is a super easy “hack” if you can even call it that and can be used on any panty pattern.

Here is what you will need:

  • A pair of in progress panties completed up until the finishing o the waist opening
  • A piece of 2″-3″ wide stretch lace trim, at least the length of your hip measurement
  • Thread that will coordinate with the lace trim

Begin by measuring the waist opening of your panty. You will then need to cut your lace trim measurement to that length minus two inches.

Place the short ends of your lace on top of each other right sides together. Run a row of stitching down the short end of the lace using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Press the seam open. Top stitch 1/4 of an inch down either side of the seam. Trim the excess lace down to the top stitching.

Quarter both your panty opening and lace waistband using pins to mark the quarter points. Use the seam in the waist band is one quarter point for the waist band. Use the side seams in your pant as two of the quarter points for the panty.

Slip the waistband piece, right sides out, on the panty piece. The wrong side of the waistband should be to thing the right side of the panty. How far down the waist band should be on the panty is a combination of your personal preference and how wide your lace is. I used two and a half inch wide lace and overlapped the waist band 3/4 of an inch. Pin the waist band in place generously all around the opening.

Using a small zig-zag stitch sew the waist band to panty as close to the bottom edge of the lace as you can.  Sew another line of zig zag stitches one half to three quarters of an inch up from the first line of stitching. Trim down any excess panty on the inside to the second line of stitching.

Press well and you are done!

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