Baby, it’s (almost) cold outside

Fall in the Northeast can be crazy…. one day shorts, the next a jacket! No time to transition into the next season, you just have to be ready to freeze your buns off!

Since school has begun my relationship with the gym has changed and I am finding myself spending more time workout at home again and that means more running and outside activity. I love it….there is something so calming about being outside but the season can be short lived if you do not have the right gear.

Luckily Phee Fabrics has started carrying a variety of cool-weather Polartec fabrics, and you know I had to give them a sew! For this project I really tried to think about what I would want to wear outside and what I would need – something warm, but not too warm, good stretch and moisture wicking. I tall order but the new Polartec Power Wool met all of my needs and then some.

This is such a cool (pun intended) fabric. There is a very clear front and back which makes it even easier to sew with. The backside has a merino wool blend that feels soft against the skin and keeps you warm without being too heavy or bulky. This fabric is moisture wicking to help make this a more year round fabric suitable for so many projects.

clone tag: -6101076550638657229
Back side on the left, outside on the right

But I was still worried that I might sweat it out more than I wanted. It turns out childbirth and age have made me about 10 degrees warmer at all times. So what did my new Greenstyle Creations Super G’s need? Air vents, naturally! I used the Light Gray Waffle Mesh for the awesome gusset and side panels and then added it as the outer layer of the waistband over a Gray Supplex liner for function.

Now I have the perfect all-weather leggings that will keep me comfy, cozy for those cool weather workouts but wont have to sit at the bottom of my drawer for the rest of the year!

Fall outfit complete with an Open Back Top from Greenstyle in Phee White Rayon Spandex

Up next on my sewing agenda – a Polartec PowerStretch Jacket!

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