One dress, Five costumes

Confession Time: I hate sewing costumes. I just can’t get my head around sewing a whole outfit, spending all of the time and money it takes to make something good, just to wear the thing for one day or one event. It pains me. Actual pain. So… I usually just buy something RTW. Ick, I know, but it meant I could spend more time sewing things for myself and others that would actually be worn more than once.

Since this year I am participating in a RTW fast, however, (and still going strong!) taking the lazy route and buying a costume wasn’t going to be an option. But even so, I couldn’t get myself, to sew up an actual costume, and instead came up with a compromise of making myself a basic dress that I know I will wear again, and designing a costume around that.

I decided on sewing up a basic black dress, because I only have six in my closet already which obviously isn’t enough, in what is probably my most used pattern of all time the Made for Mermaids Mama Ava tee. I whipped it up in Phee Rayon Spandex in black with 3/4 sleeves, because it’s only the middle of September and the high temps where I leave are already only reaching 55 degrees, and a classic V neck so that the dress really could be a plain base for anything I found to go with it, and drove my happy little butt to party city to pick out a costume. Thirty minutes later I left with over $200 of accessories, enough for five different, super easy costumes!


Basic Witch


Kitty Kat

I’m a Mouse, Duh

And my personal favorite…. Cruella DeVil !

And my absolute favorite part is that this is a dress I will get so much wear out of in almost every season going forward! Yay for practical, easy sews!

Now I really don’t need five costumes so help me pick which one to keep? Right now I am torn between Minnie and Cruella, leave your vote below!

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