Costume or Clothing? BOTH!

Every year when Halloween comes around I start thinking, “This is the year I will have a great costume!” And every year I realize that a) I don’t have any ideas b) mostly because I don’t really want to spend the money on a throw away “outfit.” So the challenge for this year was to actually have a costume and one that I would ACTUALLY wear again.

I was drawing a blank when a wise sewing sage posted a Pinspiration for the Morton’s Salt Girl and a light bulb went off – I could make separates instead of a complete yellow dress and mix and match for even more post-Halloween-wear!! And of course Phee Fabrics had the exact yellow fabric for the project!


I usually make a muslin first when using a new pattern, but sometimes I get impatient and hope for the best and that’s exactly how this project went, LOL. I used the Mama Joy pattern from Made 4 Mermaids (using the separates hack). I bought this early on in my sewing adventures and was super intimated by the pleats so it sat dusty and waiting to be sewn for far too long! It was an easy pattern to follow and turned out great using the height adjustment advice in the tutorial.


Boom! A Morton’s Salt Girl costume (along with some props from Amazon) Now, I just needed to figure out what I wanted to wear the pieces with after Halloween.

I adore the look of yellow, blue and white… it just screams classic to me and I remembered I had a bunch of Navy and White Striped nylon spandex I bought during a Saturday Steal from Phee (these specials have ended but Tricot Tuesdays are here every week with a special on one of the tricot fabrics in the shop! ) I went with a classic style T-Shirt and because the Green Tee from Greenstyle Creations is semi-fitted I was able to make a side knot to pair with the high-waist skirt.


For the top, a pair of jeans and heels for date night, although I think I need to make a pair of super high waist pants to really get a look I will wear, so back to the sewing table for the next project!

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