Sultry Skivvies, Anyone?

Is this a safe place to be honest? 😜 I can’t help but cut the fluff friends, so here it is- I’m a proud member of the Commando Club. Heck, I’d gladly ditch all undergarments given the chance. You know that moment of panic when you’re trying to remove a tight, sweaty, sticky sports bra?

Ya. You know the feeling. Well I feel this way about all clothes 🤷🏼‍♀️

Ironic that someone who’s biggest joy is stitching garments is also a closet nudist 🤣


When chones came up as our Sew A Long piece for this month, I figured I’d better get creative. I wanted something comfy but also functional for ME, meaning I needed uniquely sexy! Side note: take me to the future- whatever year sweat pants become the ultimate sexy piece. Kthnxbai.

I found some pinspiration in this hot little number:

And thought they’d be cute a little less swim and a little more come hither if you know what I mean. (Disclaimer: my next version WILL be in swim. So eye catching! 😉)

Now for the fabric. I had some nude and coral Powernet from Phee Fabrics and wondered how that would look for the straps. The fabric that does an exceptional job in the support department might make for a fun twist in lieu of lace, so I figured why not!

Check out my video here to see my approach, mistakes and results of muslin #1!

The first pair came out with much to be desired, mostly in hacking flaws 😅

I still may fix the waistband and hand stitch in some swim lining. That coral is LIIIIIFE 😍 I chose to go sans straps for the second pair (I know, I know, make up your mind) with the nude powernet as a panel for a different flair.

Check it out–

The classiest of pattern weights. 😂

Guys, if you haven’t used circular knit for under pretties … you’re messing up.

Also, I apparently sent all but 5 of my clips to Alaska with my daughter, in hopes she’ll be confident enough to sew on her own. Whoops. *searches house for sew-jo*

Matching thread and CL not required. Hashtag idowhatiwant 💁🏼‍♀️

These next couple of videos explain how I’d do the better straps:

Comparing V1 and V2

Strap Placement

Already diggin’ it!

I used a scant 3/8″ seam allowance this time. Much better fit so far.

As with version 1, I used the powernet to create binding for the legs. I cut strips at 95% of the opening by 1.5 inches. I used the same method as the video to apply.

Then I added the waistband. 2″ by an inch smaller than the undies waistline. I decided last minute to do a band instead of binding.. I didn’t love the topstitching on the leg holes. LOVE. IT. If I was you, I’d use bands for all the finishings. Just be sure to not make them too small. Powernet is POWERFUL 🙌🏼

And there you have it! 2 unique pairs of slinky skivvies from one basic popular brief pattern!

As you can see, I’m no tailor. And I’m definitely not Whitney-fast. But sometimes I make cute stuff 😜

Until next time, keep calm and Phee On!

~ the Iron Seamstress

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